Blog Are Fernandes guitars good?

Are Fernandes guitars good?

Are Fernandes guitars good?

Yes they are good guitars, one of my local shops has this beautiful fernandes guitar that looks like a cross between a Les Paul and a Iceman. Its this exact model and color. Even though there was a Gibson Les Paul studio there this guitar was hands down the best looking and best playing guitar in the whole shop.

Are all Fernandes guitars made in Japan?

Fernandes initially made acoustic guitars and started making electric guitars around 1971 or 1972. Fernandes continues to manufacture guitars (in both Japan and China) that cover the range from inexpensive starter models to custom high-end Gibson and Fender replica instruments of exceptional quality.

How do you date a Fernandes guitar?

Dating a Burny or Fernandes can be loosely done by looking at the truss rod cover. The Gibson bell-shaped covers are found on 1970’s to early 1980’s models. The bell-shape cover with thin white band and ridges sticking out from the side are found on mid-1980s to early 1990’s models.

Where is Fernando guitar made?

The town of Abuno in Mactan Island welcomes visitors with a giant guitar at the mouth of the street. It is here where much of the industry has set up shop. Among them is the Alegre Guitar Factory, one of the oldest in the guitar-making town. Fernando M.

Are Tokai guitars good?

Tokai Guitars are a bit of a Global “hidden gem” of the Guitar World. The Japanese guitars are by far the best Gibson style guitar you’re going to find. They replicate them beautifully with the exception of the headstock name and model numbers.