Blog Are the namura piston good?

Are the namura piston good?

Are the namura piston good?

they are ok pistons. another brand you can check out is vortex (sp?) they also have some nice stuff for a good price. I’ve installed at least 100+ Namura pistons in the last few years threw my shop and not one issue , 2 stroke and 4 stroke .

Are namura pistons forged?

Namura Forged pistons offer dyno-proven gains in performance and durability over industry-standard 4032 forged pistons. Namura’s exclusive forged alloy offers lower expansion rates, allowing for tighter build tolerances and superior tensile and yield strength at operating temperatures.

Is wiseco a good piston?

Absolutely. Wiseco pistons are among the finest powersports pistons available. Stock OEM pistons are often shared across several different engine models, while each Wiseco piston is purposely designed for a single application. This means Wiseco pistons work better within a specific motor for maximum performance.

Are Vertex Pistons good?

Vertex pistons are gravity cast from an aluminum alloy with 18% silicon content. With low thermal expansion characteristics, Vertex pistons can be run at tighter tolerances compared with forged pistons. This creates better power and performance, also making them less susceptible to rattling or breaking.

What are namura pistons made of?

Hyperdryve pistons are composed of a new hypereutectic aluminum alloy developed for use in the space industry.

Are namura pistons forged or cast?

Namura Pistons are a hyperutectic cast piston. They have a high silicon content which makes the piston harder, and more flexible than standard cast, but not as hard as a forged piston.

Are namura Pistons forged or cast?

How much HP can Wiseco pistons handle?

Using input from today’s leading AMC engine builders, Wiseco has released both a flat top and reverse dome piston for both the 360 and 401 engines in popular oversizes. With thicker decks and optimized ring lands, these pistons will easily handle a 250 HP nitrous system with proper tuning.

Is wiseco or vertex better?

vertex are cast and wiseco are forged. you run a higher risk of ring seizing the wiseco and less chance of skirt breakage but on the vertex you have less seizure problems and higher breakage problems. if you do wiseco do a proper break in.

Are Vertex pistons forged or cast?

Every factory team runs a forged piston, unless they are running a works billet or semi-forged piston. Vertex is the OEM piston for KTM, but they have been known to run Vertex, CP and Mahle pistons.

Who makes Athena pistons?

athena is made by wossner…if I remember correctly. Excellent manufacturing company.