Common questions Are there any keyboard tweaks for iOS 7?

Are there any keyboard tweaks for iOS 7?

Are there any keyboard tweaks for iOS 7?

The tweak not only brings keyboard’s old look back but it also gives users choice to choose from a number of available options including legacy dark, legacy light, modern dark and modern light styles.

Is there way to get old keyboard back in iOS 7?

If that is the case then a new tweak by Ryan Petrich called Vintagekeys has got you covered. With this simple hack you can get rid of the redesigned keyboard introduced in iOS 7 and go back to the old look that had been part of iOS since its birth.

Is there a Keyboard hack for iOS 6?

The good thing is VintageKeys is not limited only to stock apps as you can choose iOS 6 keyboard for third-party apps as well. If you like the idea behind this hack and would like to get the vintage iOS 6 keyboard on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then simply head to Cydia and download VintageKeys.

Is there a haptic keyboard tweak for iPhone?

Now you can with the HapticKeyboard tweak. To proceed further, your device must already support haptic feedback feature. You can install this tweak for your iOS 9 and 10 from Cydia’s BigBoss, and it’s free by the way. When done, open the Settings app and go to HapticKeyboard’s preference page to configure the tweak.

Can a Cydia tweak be used on an iPhone 5?

Most of the tweaks mentioned here are compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod etc. It is a brand new cydia tweak that enables you to take quick notes on the go directly from the Notification Center without closing or opening any other App you are using.

Are there any free Cydia tweaks for notifications center?

This is tweak is available for free on cydia and is very handy especially if you get a ton of notifications all the time. This Free Cydia Tweak comes with a range of settings to configure that make it very easy for you to disable or enable certain features of the N.C. selectively.