Common questions Are WWF wrestling figures worth anything?

Are WWF wrestling figures worth anything?

Are WWF wrestling figures worth anything?

Depending on the condition and wrestler, these Wrestling Buddies can go for a lot of money. Those that are still in box can net around $200, while the most expensive we found — a new-in-box Ultimate Warrior — sold for $500.

How much are WWF Hasbro figures worth?

Benefiting for being introduced during a sports entertainment boom period, these figures were among the most popular sports entertainment action figures of their time, and have since become collectors items. In good condition, an unopened figure can be viewed as being valued from anywhere between $20 to $1–2 thousand.

What is the rarest wrestling figure?

The 14 Rarest Wrestling Action Figures Ever (& How Much They’ve Sold For)

  1. 1 Kamala (Moon on Belly): $3,000 – $22,000.
  2. 2 Macho Man (LJN): $4500.
  3. 3 Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt (LNJ): $1800 – $2,500.
  4. 4 The Hart Foundation Tag Team Box: $1000 – $2,000.
  5. 5 WWF Hasbro Magazine Mail-Away: $2850 – $7000.

What is the rarest WWE card?

John Cena — 2008 Topps WWE Heritage IV Autographs He’s signed for every Topps WWE Heritage set to date. This card might be the rarest, though, as it’s only found in single retail packs (not boxes) sold exclusively at Walmart stores. And it’s found at a rate of 1:264 packs.

Why are WWE action figures so expensive?

They are highly detailed, painted by a professional team to an exacting standard, and look pretty amazing. Worth the price? If they were made in the US they’d probably run $1,000. Once they make an initial run they stop producing them, so they go up in value.

How many WWF LJN figures are there?

Each superstar came with a biography card on the packaging and a poster inside. There are 64 figures with unique molds, plus an additional 6 major repaints that change the figures look significantly.

Who has most wrestling action figures?

As Vince McMahon’s number one Cena has been a the forefront of the WWE marketing machine and has had more action figures made in his likeness than most wrestler combined.

How much is a Hulk Hogan rookie card worth?


Grade Most Recent Price SMR Price
GEM – MT 10 $21,310.00 $3,750.00
MINT 9 $1,276.00 $225.00
NM – MT 8 $287.45 $75.00
NM 7 $176.00

What’s the price of a WWE action figure?

In 2019, when one of these action figures appeared in the market, it sparked a bidding war among action figures collectors. From an original asking price of $72, the action figure was finally sold for $2,800.

Which is the most expensive WWF action figure?

The most expensive set is believed to have been sold for $1500. Back in the ’90s, WWF Magazine gave fans the opportunity to order action figures online. Several years down the line, the WWF Hasbro Magazine Mail-Away figures remains one of the most popular and rarest action figures in the market.

What was the first WWF action figure line?

This line was preceded by the WWF LJN toy line and was followed by the WWF Justoys line. These action figures featured an individual action move for each character released in the line which was referred to as “Real Wrestling Action”.

When did Hasbro start making WWF action figures?

The WWF Hasbro action figure line were the officially licensed action figures for the World Wrestling Federation from 1990 to 1994. This line was preceded by the WWF LJN toy line and was followed by the WWF Justoys line.