Helpful tips Can a Black Mouth Cur be left alone?

Can a Black Mouth Cur be left alone?

Can a Black Mouth Cur be left alone?

The Black Mouth Cur is an extremely active dog that was originally bred to be a hunting and herding dog. Remember, this dog doesn’t like to be left alone and you will need to be walking them for at least 120 minutes a day, so they can be high maintenance.

How much do Black Mouth Curs weigh?

There can be much variation in size when it comes to Black Mouth Curs depending on breeding, and dogs within the same litter can be of different sizes, as well. Males tend to be larger, weighing in on average between 40 and 95 pounds, while females tend to range from 35 to 80 pounds.

Are Black Mouth Curs smart?

Fearless and relentless in the wild, Black Mouth Curs happen to be very sensitive and gentle with people: Around children they tend to tone-down the play and become more mild and protective. They are outgoing, affectionate and very protective of family members. Black Mouth Curs are smart and curious canines.

Are Black Mouth Cur good swimmers?

They also thrive in sports like agility and flyball, being super trainable means they can turn their paw to anything! Their webbed feet make them excellent swimmers too, so this is also an option if the weather is a little too warm to be out trekking all the time.

Are there any Black Mouth Cur puppies in Georgia?

More Black Mouth Cur Puppies / Dog Breeders and Puppies in Georgia I RAISE BLACK MOUTH CURS I HAVE A LITTER TWICE A YEAR i raise the caranthan line of bmc dogs one litter ever two years or so i have a litter ready now 8-31-2011 I have trained a few dogs in herding cattle.

Can a Black Mouth Cur be a family pet?

They can be the perfect family pet, but they need an experienced handler who understands their heritage. Not for first time dog owners, the Black Mouth Cur keeps even the best dog handlers on their toes. They thrive in an active home, where his owners have the time to exercise and train.

What do Black Mouth Cur dogs do for cattle?

Black Mouth Cur dogs are the heavy hitter or the special forces of the cow dog world. Mainly used for cattle that are wild, flighty, cattle that hide in the thicket or brush, wanting to hook or fight or cattle that have gotten away with not getting penned, there is no job too rough for this breed.

Where does the Ladner Blackmouth Cur dog come from?

We also thank the many dedicated and long time hunting friends and Ladner Blackmouth Cur dog owners for the kindness they have shown our family during our time of bereavement. LH Ladner from Southern Mississippi has propagated and hunted the Ladner Blackmouth Cur all his life. Lets get serious about tree dogs.