Blog Can I know your good name?

Can I know your good name?

Can I know your good name?

“May I know your good name” is a typically Asian way of asking someones name. Perhaps it is being used just as a ‘softener’ or out of politeness, to ask a person’s name. It is INCORRECT. The only way to use “good name” would be in this example.

How do you ask for a customer’s name?

Hi everyone, I’d like to ask a very simple question, but on the other hand it’s a very important one….When we want to ask a person’s name we can choose one of the following questions: What is your name? How do they call you? How is one to call you? My name is I’m called …

How do you casually ask someone’s name?

Use a casual tone of voice when you ask what her name is. For example, you might say, “Hang on, I’ve already forgotten your name. Would you mind saying it again?” or “I’m totally blanking on your name for some reason.” The other person will likely appreciate your honesty.

How can I find details of a person by name?

How to Research People for FreeLog on to the Internet. Type “PIPL” into the search box. Type the name of the person you are researching into the search box. Go to the website for the County Court where the person resides. Go to the “Case History” section. Type in the person’s name.

Is it rude to forget someone’s name?

Originally Answered: What should I do if I forget someone’s name immediately after meeting them? If you are at a social gathering, if you have a friend that person doesn’t know of, ask him to introduce himself to your friend. NEVER guess the name. It actually very rude if someone calls you with some other name.

How do you ask someone to be discreet?

If you want to take the risk, say “I must ask you not to share this information with anyone. It’s highly personal and I needed to get it off my chest, but I trust you to keep it private.” Don’t characterize it as a secret, but do let the person clearly know that you’ve put your trust in them. Best of luck.

How do I ask to keep confidential?

If you need to provide additional details do it in person, behind closed doors, and ask that it be kept confidential. Just say something along the lines of “I consider this information confidential” or “I am presenting this information in confidence”.

How do you say keep a secret?

Synonymsconceal. verb. formal to not tell someone about something, especially because you are ashamed of it or worried about it.suppress. verb. keep something to yourself. phrase. not breathe a word. phrase. keep your mouth shut. phrase. keep back. phrasal verb. keep your own counsel. phrase. keep quiet about something. phrase.

How do you politely ask someone to stop doing something?

Approach them with a “Hi” or “Hello”, and ask them to talk. In a calm, yet appropriate volume tone, let them know exactly what they are doing that is inappropriate or unnecessary to you. Then you follow up with a statement such as “I am asking you to please refrain from doing this.”.

How do you say stop nicely?

Ways to say StopQuit. She quit her job and went travelling around Europe.Give up. My doctor told me I should give up smoking.Ditch. This slang word means to stop doing something or abandon it (leave it behind): Discontinue. Cease. Now choose the correct form to complete each sentence:

How do you convince someone to stop doing something?

Express how the behavior makes you feel, express why that’s an issue for you and make a request. Whatever you do, don’t ask him NOT to do something, that will make him want to rebel. Instead, ask for him to do somethingsuch as be mindful of your neighbors or use the horn at times when you’re not home.