Helpful tips Can I sell my number plate Dubai?

Can I sell my number plate Dubai?

Can I sell my number plate Dubai?

People choosing to buy their existing number when they change to the new plates featuring the Burj Al Arab will be issued with an ownership certificate. “An ownership certificate will be issued and, accordingly, the holder will then have the right to sell it on to a third party if he wishes.”

How do I get a RTA number plate?

List of special plates available for sale….Through customer happiness centres or vehicle registration and inspection centres

  1. The customer heads to the service centre to enquire about special plates.
  2. The customer chooses the plate number desired.
  3. The customer checks the required information.

How do I get a number plate in Dubai?


  1. Visit to Dubai Traffic Department or to Tasjeel Eppco or Emarat Shamil or Wasel Car Testing.
  2. Fill in the form and pay the fees.
  3. Pay the fines (if any) by the seller; the officer will examine and verify it.
  4. Wait for your name to be called out and collect your new registration card, valid for one year.

How much does a plate number cost in Dubai?

Service fee Short Plate: 35 Dhs. Long Plate: 50 Dhs. 10 AED expiry sticker.

How much is a 1 digit number plate worth in Dubai?

It comes as little surprise then that the highest priced item at a recent auction in Sharjah was the plate No 1. After some fierce bidding, the hammer fell at a whopping AED18 million. According to Gulf News, the winner of the lucky number is Arif Ahmad Al Zarouni, an Emirati businessman.

Can I buy number plates online?

Can I buy new car number plates online? Yes, you can buy new license plates online.

How much does a 4 digit number plate cost in Dubai?

A four-digit number plate – H 1030 – will be available in the auction for a reserved bargain price of Dh3,000, as will be a couple of distinctive 5-digit number plates – I 11222 and F 77788.

What is blue number plate in Dubai?

Export plates (blue plates) upon the customer’s request in case of exporting the vehicle from Dubai to any other country.

Why does a license plate cost so much in Dubai?

There is also social and psychological capital tied to these expensive number plates, as they are an indicator of wealth and status. An Emirati psychologist told Khaleej Times that the elevation of one’s status, has a lot to do with social pressure.

How much is a 3 digit number plate in Dubai?

The price of a three-digit plate has now been reduced to Dhs179,999, including VAT, and will be valid until stocks last, a statement said. Among the three-digit plates on offer are T 738, J 945 and P 682 and “several other fancy plates”, said Jamal Assada, director of RTA’s Vehicle Licensing, Licensing Agency.

Where can I buy a number plate in Dubai?

You can choose the number from the selected list and buy the number plates directly from customer service centers in Dubai, service providers, strategic partners, RTA’s website ( or Drivers and Vehicles Smart App.

How to find a driving license in Dubai?

Dubai Branded plate number Special plates enquiry More Driving license in Dubai

Who is eligible to apply for Dubai traffic service?

Individual customers, citizens and residents, who have a traffic file in Dubai are eligible to apply for this service. Valid residence visa. 5,000 AED security cheque from uncommitted customers to be settled when applying to the service over 3 consecutive payments (the customer gets the cheque back after paying the plate number fees).

How old do you have to be to get your RTA plates?

This initiative is part of RTA’s endeavors to deliver new & premium services to achieve customers’ satisfaction & happiness. It will give you a chance to select numbers of personal significance for your vehicle registration plates. This offer is exclusively for people of age group 18 to 35 (born from 1981 to 1998).