Blog Can iPhone 6 be repaired if bent?

Can iPhone 6 be repaired if bent?

Can iPhone 6 be repaired if bent?

If an iPhone passes the official test, then Apple will give you a replacement. But this counts only if the phone was bent during normal use, such as sitting in your back pocket. If you’ve been intentionally flexing your phone, then you may be out of luck.

Is it possible to fix a bent phone?

But it’s not as simple as that. A bent phone usually means the phone’s frame is warped in one way or the other. It requires dismantling all the phone’s components from the bent frame and coupling it to a new one. Hence, it’s best done by a repair professional.

Can a phone frame be repaired?

Occasionally, the frame of your phone or tablet can also get damaged during a fall, or drop, that damages your screen. If that damage is minor (usually at the corners), we can typically do a minor frame repair when replacing the screen.

How do I know if my phone is bent?

scan the gap where the surface touches the phone screen from right to left. You should NOT see the light from the other side between the surface and the phone. If you see a light from either right or left, then there is a gap which permits the light to escape under the screen. Meaning that there is a bend somewhere.

Why is my phone bent?

The most common cause of mobile phones bending comes from them being placed in back pockets and sat upon for prolonged periods of time. Solution: Install a protective case or flip cover on your phone to protect it against such impacts. Avoid sitting down with your phone in your back pocket.

What causes a bent phone?

What was the problem with the iPhone 6 Bendgate?

Check out our latest coverage of the iPhone bendgate controversy below. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate gathered quite a bit of steam after the devices launched, forcing Apple to give an official statement, and allow reporters to take a peek inside Apple’s stress testing labs. Turns out, some things bend if you try hard enough.

Is it true that iPhone 6 Plus can bend?

The bending issue has seen quite a bit of coverage after some users complained that the iPhone 6 Plus could bend in their pockets, and the iPhone 6 Plus bend test video went viral.

When did Apple respond to the bendgate issue?

On September 25, Apple officially responded to the bending controversy, expressing that the situation is “extremely rare”, and that (at the time of the statement) only nine people had come forward with a bending issue. A couple of days later, Consumer Reports published their own findings, confirming Apple’s “extremely rare” statement.

Why does my phone bend when I put pressure on it?

In fact, a lot of phones will bend when extreme pressure is applied. Everything has a weak point. And you guessed it, if you try to bend something (or have to means/power to do it) it will bend. That’s hardly the argument here though.