Other Can you spear fish in Nelson Bay?

Can you spear fish in Nelson Bay?

Can you spear fish in Nelson Bay?

Spearfishing is prohibited in freshwater as well as many entrances, coastal lagoons and other tidal waters.

Where can you spearfish in Port Stephens?

According to Kyle there are some great spots to dive here in the Port Stephens area. His favourite spots for spearing are Boatharbour for Brim and Lobster in Winter as well as Broughton Island in Winter for Snapper. “You will find lots of Kingfish off Broughton Island in the Summer,” Kyle said.

Is Nelson Bay good for fishing?

Try Little Nelson Bay, between Fly Point and Nelson Head, which offers jetties, a boat ramp and a foreshore reserve for plenty of fishing options. In fact, the whole southern shore is popular among fishers of all disciplines, be it rock, boat, beach or even big game.

What’s the tide in Nelson Bay?

Nelson Bay Tide Times / Australia

Sat, 18th Sun, 19th Fri, 24th
Low 12:38am (0.25m) High 06:44am (1.3m) Low 12:20pm (0.42m) High 06:43pm (1.84m) Low 01:22am (0.21m) High 07:27am (1.41m) Low 01:11pm (0.36m) High 07:29pm (1.85m) Low 04:10am (0.32m) High 10:25am (1.6m) Low 04:39pm (0.39m) High 10:34pm

What fish can you catch at Nelson Bay?

Anglers have the chance of catching a wide variety of fish including tailor, kingfish, Australian salmon, luderick, snapper, bream, whiting, leatherjacket, flathead and mulloway.

Where is Nelson Bay breakwall?

Port Stephens
Nelson Bay breakwall continues to develop into the most popular and productive fishing hot spot in Port Stephens. It was originally built in the 1980s to protect the commercial fishing fleet, game boats and visiting craft from the roaring west wind.

Can you fish at Shoal Bay beach?

Shoal Bay During February and March, Shoal Bay is a base for game fishermen who head for offshore Broughton Island in search of marlin, shark, snapper and kingfish. Shore-bound anglers will take flathead from the beach and bream at Nelson Head.

Can you fish in Shoal Bay?

Shoal Bay Wharf is located on Shoal Bay Road directly opposite The Shoal Bay Country Club. This wharf offers a wide variety of fish species as well as squid. Spring tailor, salmon, bream and blackfish are fish well sought after. In the warmer months this is a number one spot for Garfish, bonito and sand whiting.

Where can I find whiting in Nelson Bay?

Inside the Port the best beaches are Shoal Bay, Little Beach, Nelson Bay and all sandy spits east of Soldiers Point. Whiting have a small mouth so a No. 4 long shank hook baited with a worm or a live nipper will do the trick.

What are the tides at Port Stephens?

Tide Times for Port Stephens: Tuesday 21 September 2021

Tide Time (AEST)& Date Height
Low Tide 2:26 AM(Tue 21 September) 0.72 ft (0.22 m)
High Tide 8:34 AM(Tue 21 September) 5.12 ft (1.56 m)
Low Tide 2:29 PM(Tue 21 September) 1.18 ft (0.36 m)
High Tide 8:40 PM(Tue 21 September) 5.68 ft (1.73 m)

What time is high tide in Nelson Bay today?

Tuesday 28 September 2021, 4:05pm AEST (GMT +1000). The tide is currently falling in Nelson Bay. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 1.4m was at 1:09pm and the lowest tide of 0.7m will be at 8:06pm.

What’s biting in Lake Macquarie?

Lake Macquarie is linked to the sea via Swansea Channel on the eastern side. This waterway is tremendously popular with recreational anglers targeting dusky flathead, bream, whiting and luderick.