Common questions Can you visit the Mojave airplane graveyard?

Can you visit the Mojave airplane graveyard?

Can you visit the Mojave airplane graveyard?

The Mojave Air & Space Port does not offer tours to the public. However, they do invite visits during the monthly “Plane Crazy Saturdays” to see the airport, static displays and possible fly-ins. The Voyager Restaurant is located in the airport terminal building, under the old tower adjacent to transient parking.

Are there any abandoned military bases in Arizona?

Dateland Air Force Auxiliary Field is an abandoned military airfield located in Dateland, Arizona, 40 miles (64 km) east of Yuma, Arizona. Its last known military use was in 1957.

What was the Kingman Army Air Field Aircraft boneyard?

Active duty military personnel typically flew the aircraft into Kingman, and civilian employees would handle parking and classification. To accommodate the large numbers of employees, tent cities were erected on site. In subsequent months, brand new aircraft directly from assembly lines were even disposed of at Kingman.

Where are the airplane Boneyards in Arizona located?

Arizona Airplane Boneyards and Desert Aircraft Storage. Commercial airliners have limited lifespans. Ultimately, they must be retired from service, stored in “airplane boneyards” or graveyards, and finally disassembled and scrapped. Many of these boneyards are located in the dry deserts of the State of Arizona.

Is there an airport in Kingman, AZ?

The Kingman Municipal Airport is an exciting place with large growth potential. The Kingman Army Airfield, which serves today as the Kingman Airport and Industrial Park (IGM) was founded at the beginning of WWII as one of the Nation’s largest aerial gunnery training bases.

Where was the Kingman airplane storage depot located?

One of the locations chosen was Kingman, with its huge open spaces, good weather for aircraft storage, and three runways, one of which was 6,800 feet in length. The RFC quickly established Storage Depot No. 41 at Kingman, and by October of 1945 planes were being flown in, parked, and processed. Planes were typically parked by type.