Blog Did Bhelen kill his father?

Did Bhelen kill his father?

Did Bhelen kill his father?

Although he leaves it ambiguous as to whether he killed their father, Bhelen defends his actions by saying that even their father inherited the throne after his elder brother died in an Honor Proving against a convicted murderer, and claims that their father coated the murderer’s blade with poison to ensure his …

Did Bhelen kill his brother?

I played my noble as a really nice guy, so Bhelen killed his oldest brother, then he framed his other brother and his second and manipulates their trial to ensure that they are condemned like he needs it. Namely his brother being made Darkspawn fodder and the second being made casteless and exiled.

Which is better, Bhelen or harrowmont in dragonage?

So Im having a hard time choosing between the two for my first save. Bhelen is the better choice to expand dwarves and maybe stave of the race dying off. On the flip side however he is a royal douche pickle of a character. Harrowmont is as old and xenophobic as it gets.

Which is better Behlen or Bhelen in Dragon Age Origins?

Harrowmont is a better man but Bhelen is a better leader if you have played the dwarf origin you will know how dirty Bhelen is but its what is best for orzammar. Behlen is dirty as hell but Harrowmont is steeped in bigoted traditions. I’m glad I didn’t play a dwarf and had to deal with this.

Which is the immoral ruler harrowmont or Bhelen?

After these points, it is clear to me that Bhelen is the immoral ruler but Harrowmont is the harmful ruler. I would go for Bhelen if I didn’t have to do his dirty work, but instead persuade him to recognise his mistakes and compete honorably.

Who should I side with.bhelen or harrowmont?

Granted, Rica won’t talk to me because I chose Harrowmont, but she shouldn’t care because she’s the sister of the most famous and powerful Grey Warden to ever live. What an ungrateful woman. who should I side with.