Other Do you still have to pay a fine if you do a speed awareness course?

Do you still have to pay a fine if you do a speed awareness course?

Do you still have to pay a fine if you do a speed awareness course?

They’re offered by most regional police forces for either first-time offenders or for drivers who’ve committed lesser offences. If you’re offered the course, you don’t have to go on it – you could pay the fine and accept the points instead.

Can you do your speed awareness course online?

Can You Do a Speed Awareness Course Online? Currently, all speed awareness courses are offered online. These sessions are only 2 1/2 hours long, with a 10-minute break. For an online speed awareness course, you need a fully charged laptop, phone or tablet with a webcam/camera and access to fast internet.

How long do you have to book speed awareness course?

You can book a course online—the letter will tell you which providers are available in your area. It’s not advisable to put it off too long, as you’ll have to take it no more than 12 weeks after the date of your speeding offence.

Can I use my phone for speed awareness course?

Unless you are using the device to participate in the course, mobile phones are not allowed to be used during a course. They should be switched off throughout although you can use them during the scheduled breaks.

Can I take a speed awareness course instead of points?

Speed Awareness Courses Drivers, depending upon the speed at which they were detected, may be invited to attend a Speed Awareness Course as an alternative to penalty points. This course can only be offered once in a period of three years from the last date of detection.

Do I have to declare speed awareness course?

You don’t legally have to tell your insurance provider that you’ve been on a speed-awareness course unless they specifically ask you. There’s always the chance that withholding information could invalidate your car insurance – so it’s not worth the risk of keeping quiet.

Can you fail a speed awareness course?

Can you fail a speed awareness course? No. As long as you turn up and participate fully in the session, you will be able to complete the course. There won’t be any practical or written tests – it’s just about being there and listening carefully.

Do they ask you questions on a speed awareness course?

This depends entirely on whether or not the insurer asks the question. If they do not ask, it cannot be used as a factor when working out your premium. However, if you are indeed asked whether you have attended one, you will need to answer honestly, and your premium may be affected depending on underwriting criteria.

How to book The Speed Awareness Course in the UK?

To re-arrange your course date (subject to the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme Terms and Conditions) please also use the above link. For more information or guidance about booking the course please email the team on [email protected] or call on 0330 222 8999 (8:30am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays)

Can you change date of National Speed Awareness Course?

You can change your course date up to the day before – although it must still be within the deadline set by the police. If the course is 14 or more days ahead, it’s free to rearrange. But if it is less than 14 days away it costs £41.

Is there a British Sign Language Speed Awareness Course?

DriveSafe now offer National Speed Awareness Courses in British Sign Language (BSL). The course is presented online by a Deaf Trainer using Zoom. Watch our BSL video to prepare for your online course. 1. Course Provider The Scheme is administered and delivered by DriveSafe on behalf of the referring Police Force.

How long is the NDORS Speed Awareness Course?

The courses are of four hours’ duration and are delivered by qualified and licensed NDORS trainers at venues throughout Essex.