Other Does Alabama require a copy of federal tax return?

Does Alabama require a copy of federal tax return?

Does Alabama require a copy of federal tax return?

Alabama has only two requirements to be accepted as an ERO into the AL E-File Program. Once you are approved by the IRS then you are automatically accepted into the AL E-File Program. We do not need a copy of the Federal Form 8633.

Do you have to file state taxes in Alabama?

All Alabama residents who earn at least $5,200 (or $10,500 as a married couple) are required to file their Alabama income tax return. If you are an Alabama resident and have been working in a different state, you also need to file your return.

Does Alabama require a state tax return?

What form do I need to file Alabama state taxes?

Alabama State Mandate Tax preparers who prepare 11 or more individual income tax returns for the tax year must electronically file all individual income tax returns. ERO must retain Form AL8453.

Do I have to file a state tax return in Alabama?

What is the state income tax in Alabama?

Generally, the Alabama state tax rate on income is 2 percent on the first $500 of income, 4 percent on the next $3,000 and 5 percent of all income beyond that point for single people, married people filing singly and heads of households. For married couples filing jointly, the thresholds are doubled,…

Where to file Alabama form 40?

The mailing address to file your Alabama Form 40, Alabama Individual Income Tax Return, will vary, depending on whether you enclosing a payment or not: If you are not making a payment, mail your return to: Alabama Department of Revenue, P.O. Box 154, Montgomery, AL 36135-0001.

What is the Alabama state tax form?

Form 40 is the Alabama income tax return form for all full-time and part-time state residents (non-residents must file a Form 40NR). For more information about the Alabama Income Tax, see the Alabama Income Tax page.