Popular articles Does HyperCard still exist?

Does HyperCard still exist?

Does HyperCard still exist?

HyperCard was originally released in 1987 for $49.95 and was included free with all new Macs sold then. It was withdrawn from sale in March 2004, having received its final update in 1998 upon the return of Steve Jobs to Apple.

What replaced HyperCard?

The best alternative is Delphi. It’s not free, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could try HyperNext Studio or Easy code. Other great apps like HyperCard are LiveCode (Free Personal), My Visual Database (Paid) and ViperCard (Free, Open Source).

Who made HyperCard?

When developing HyperCard in the 1980s, its designer, Bill Atkinson, wanted to create a tool that both programmers and non-programmers could use to write their own computer applications.

What was inspired by HyperCard?

You could build blockbuster computer games, like Myst, which was originally developed using HyperCard. HyperCard was even an inspiration for the world wide web, as well as. Atkinson once described HyperCard as “an attempt to bridge the gap between the priesthood of programmers and the Macintosh mouse clickers”.

Which came first HyperCard or HTML?

SiliconUser takes a short look at ye olde Hypercard technology, Apple’s precursor to the concepts that eventually became HTML and the World Wide Web. By the time Apple took it back, in 1993, the momentum was lost, and after a short period with Apple’s Quicktime division, Hypercard was discontinued in 2004.

Who invented software?

Alan Turing is credited with being the first person to come up with a theory for software in 1935, which led to the two academic fields of computer science and software engineering….1979–1982.

Operating systems
1979 Atari DOS
1980 86-DOS
1981 MS-DOS 1 Acorn MOS
1982 Commodore DOS

When was HyperCard released?

The software is HyperCard, a simple programming environment so powerful yet simple it is used by professionals and children alike. First released in 1987, HyperCard still has a fiercely dedicated following despite no meaningful update in about 15 years.

What do you understand by hypertext?

Hypertext is text which contains links to other texts. The term was coined by Ted Nelson around 1965 (see History ). HyperMedia is a term used for hypertext which is not constrained to be text: it can include graphics, video and sound , for example. Apparently Ted Nelson was the first to use this term too.

What is the most used computer software?

Five Computer Programs We Use Every Day

  • Microsoft Windows. While not strictly a computer program (it’s what is known as an operating system), Windows is likely to be the face that greets you every day as you turn on your PC.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook.
  • McAfee Antivirus.
  • Adobe PDF.

Why is HyperCard important?

The legacy of HyperCard in computing is enormous. HyperTalk spawned other scripting languages, especially AppleScript, the main scripting language of Apple’s Mac OS, and Lingo, the programming language of Macromedia Director. It has even been claimed to be an ancestor of Microsoft’s Visual Basic for the Windows OS.

What is difference between hypertext and hyperlink?

Hypertext contains the Non-linear linking of the text with some other information. In Hyperlinks the references are used in the hypertext or with other hypermedia. Hyperlink involves Text, media, audio, video, images, and graphics. Hypertext directed information only generates the related information.

What is the importance of the HyperCard program?

The Apple Macintosh SE/30 runs the HyperCard program. The beauty of HyperCard is that it lets people program without having to learn how to write code — what I call “programming for the rest of us”. HyperCard has made it possible for people to do things they wouldn’t have ever thought of doing in the past without a lot of heavy-duty programming.

How are the cards in a HyperCard stack?

A HyperCard document is referred to as a ‘stack’ that is comprised of ‘cards’. Each card is of an identical size established by the user when the stack is created (until the 2.0 release that allowed for variable sized cards). A user can browse the cards in a stack in the sequential order that they were created.

What was the version of HyperCard I had?

Hypercard (version 2.4.1.) “Home” card. I was a Hypercard child – though our friendship was brief. Our seventh-grade class was led into a room full of brand-new Macintosh Performas . The day’s lesson was a crash course in the use of an uncomplicated yet marvelous program.

When was HyperCard At the peak of its popularity?

During HyperCard’s peak popularity in the late 1980s, a whole ecosystem of vendors offered thousands of these externals such as HyperTalk compilers, graphing systems, database access, Internet connectivity, and animation.