Blog Does Nottingham have an ice rink?

Does Nottingham have an ice rink?

Does Nottingham have an ice rink?

Glide into the exciting world of ice skating at the National Ice Centre in Nottingham. Choose from a variety of fun sessions throughout week including family skate, club sessions and foam parties. A lively and fun activity to enjoy with family or friends, ice skating is guaranteed to get your body moving.

Who owns the National Ice Centre?

Nottingham City Council
The National Ice Centre (NIC) is located in Nottingham, England….National Ice Centre.

Location Bolero Square The Lace Market Nottingham NG1 1LA United Kingdom
Coordinates 52°57′10″N 1°8′22″WCoordinates: 52°57′10″N 1°8′22″W
Owner Nottingham City Council
Capacity 7,500

Who owns Nottingham ice Arena?

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Coordinates 52°57′10″N 1°8′22″WCoordinates: 52°57′10″N 1°8′22″W
Owner Nottingham City Council
Operator Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd
Capacity 10,000

How much does it cost to build an ice rink UK?

How much does an ice rink cost to build? A. This varies, but a sample taken from the construction of 9 UK rinks costs range from £542 to £1,379 pm2, roughly therefore in the region of £2 million to £5 million.

When did Nottingham ice rink open?

The Nottingham Ice Stadium was an ice rink in Nottingham, England from 1939 to 2000. It had a seating capacity of 2800 for Ice hockey games. The building was first opened in 1939 but it was quickly called upon for other purposes.

What is the capacity of the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham?

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham/Capacity

With a seated capacity of 9,300 and a standing capacity of 10,000 there is nowhere quite like the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.

When did Dolly Parton come to Nottingham?

Dolly Parton @ The Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, UK – 22nd August 2011.

What did the Motorpoint Arena used to be called?

Cardiff International Arena
Cardiff International Arena (currently known as the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff for sponsorship reasons and formerly known as Cardiff International Arena & Convention Centre) is an indoor exhibition centre and events arena located in Cardiff, Wales, and was opened on 10 September 1993 by singer Shirley Bassey.

Can you ice skate in Tier 3?

IRMA, British Ice Skating and EIHA can now officially confirm that ice rinks in tier three will be allowed to open for elite athletes, professional dancers and choreographers, people with a disability, supervised activities for children and for formal education or training purposes.

Is the National Ice Centre still in operation?

Our call centre operation is currently closed. Please direct any queries to [email protected] or message us via our social media channels. Thank you for your patience.

What makes the Nottingham Ice Centre so special?

At the Nottingham Ice Centre Ltd, our people and those around us are at the heart of what we do and how we behave. Our passion is for our venues to be lived and breathed by everyone; whether they’re attending a concert, cheering on their favourite sports team or visiting us each day as their place of work.

Where can I get ice skating lessons in Nottingham?

From our award-winning Schools Ice Skating Programme, to one off school trips and skate with the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Team sessions, we offer a range of experiences to keep children engaged and motivated. Our ice skating lessons will help you learn how to spin and glide around the ice like a pro.

How many pairs of skates are there at National Ice Centre?

We have over 1,500 pairs of skates in a variety of sizes from child size 5 to adult size 15. Ice equipment, lockers, gloves and socks can also be purchased at skate hire.