Blog Does shiplap look good on ceilings?

Does shiplap look good on ceilings?

Does shiplap look good on ceilings?

Shiplap on the ceiling is beautiful and elevates the whole room. I personally am not a fan of drywall texture, so having the beautiful flat finish of shiplap looks really gorgeous and eye-catching. Speaking of texture, if you have popcorn ceilings, shiplap is a great (and fast) method for covering it up.

What kind of paint do you use on a shiplap ceiling?

The Best Paint Sheen for Shiplap If your shiplap is in a high-traffic or moisture-filled room (like an entryway or bathroom) then semi-gloss is the way to go. For a place where it won’t get much contact and you don’t want it to have any shine, choose eggshell or flat.

Does shiplap come already painted?

The shiplap comes pre-painted so you don’t have to worry about dry time. Just measure cut and install. This means no painting equipment is required, and will also allow you to completely transform a room in one day! (You can see the full shopping guide here to see exactly what you will need for the installation!)

What kind of ceiling to use for shiplap?

Shiplap ceilings that vary in color are naturally more interesting than one-dimensional tones. You can achieve this look with wood or with gradient-colored shiplap panels. 9. Upgrade a Vaulted Ceiling with White Shiplap

How to paint a wall with shiplap paint?

1 Matte or flat are 2 of the most popular paint sheen choices for shiplap. 2 Prep the shiplap boards by making sure all the boards are sanded smooth for the ideal paint application. 3 Paint the wall with the shiplap color. 4 Fill the nail holes with paintable caulk if you want a seamless look. 5 Paint the shiplap with one of the 4 methods.

Can you use shiplap in a white room?

However, white rooms can also be the perfect canvas for various design trends (looking at you, Scandinavia!). One of the best ways to go white without the harsh vibes is to use shiplap. Cover a white room floor to ceiling in shiplap and watch a stark-white space suddenly transform into a cozy room. 4.

What kind of shiplap to use in mouse house?

We chose this color for all the shiplap in Mouse House and I absolutely loved it (we used the eggshell sheen.) It’s warm but not yellow, and I loved the way it contrasted against the engineered oak floors we installed. The queen of shiplap herself (Joanna) used Alabaster on the shiplap in her farmhouse.