Blog Here’s The List Of Android App Development Companies in USA [2019]

Here’s The List Of Android App Development Companies in USA [2019]

Here’s The List Of Android App Development Companies in USA [2019]

As technology is evolving, the reach of the Android market is also expanding at a rapid rate and that’s not it. In every couple of months, a new and upgraded version of Android OS (Operating System) is being launched in the industry. Due to these advancements, the need to keep track of the Android mobile app development companies that are currently leading the domain is also generated.

Before moving straight to the list of well-known Android app development companies, let’s take a look at what Android application development actually is. Today, hundreds and thousands of Android applications have been added to the Google Play Store and users are overwhelmed by the number of options they have for a particular search query.

For instance, let’s take the example if a user searches for a query related to the ride-sharing mobile app then options like Lyft app, Uber app, Ola app, Didi app, etc, will pop up in the user search result in the respective app stores i.e. Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Top Android App Development Companies In 2019

Below is a list of some of the leading Android app development companies and Android app developers that have shown phenomenal growth in the past few years and have successfully bridged the gap between a company and its target audience with the help of its mobile applications:

1. Nomtek

Nomtek is one of the most famous Android app development companies when it comes to focusing on building digital products that provide value to the customers and falls right under their respective budget. The team at Nomtek also believe in shortening the time to the targeted market while generating actionable insights with their services. The app developers at Nomtek make sure to guide their clients to success and constantly challenge them until some good ideas are finalized.

2. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys has been in the industry for the past seven years and since then there’s been no stopping them. During this period, they have continually offered modern tech solutions to their clients and this has further strengthened the company’s technical infrastructure as well as assisted them in maintaining a lead in the business domain. Their experienced mobile app developers fold a strong command on trending frameworks such as PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Open Source, and many more.

3. Emerge Interactive

Next, in the list of top application development companies, we have Emerge Interactive, which is a digital product development firm that has made itself known as a skilled mobile app development service provider for designing complex platforms, or developing mobile applications, high-end development tools, and so much more. In addition to this, the organization has also extended its services in augmenting physical products as well as in inventing better business models.

4. Iflexion

Iflexion is another global software and mobile app development company that provides various services that range from web-based enterprise solutions to advanced content management solutions. Iflexion has a lot to offer to the IT industry as it has been in the market for over a decade now. Android applications, Portal software development, .NET, CMS, web app development, and Ruby on Rails are some of the fields where this company excels.

5. Yeeply Mobile

Last but not least we have Yeeply Mobile which was founded by two Spanish entrepreneurs, Luis Picurelli and Hector Badal. They began their journey with two major findings, one was that the traditional marketplaces were not at all objective and did not entirely focus on the outcome quality, and second, that there was a high demand for a customized platform in different sectors of mobile apps.

So these were some of the best Android mobile application development companies that are making it big in the year 2019. Here our advice would be to properly go through the company’s portfolio and get in their previous clients to verify the credibility of the organization as well as the work done by them.