Other How big is a 1998 Yamaha YZ400F motorcycle?

How big is a 1998 Yamaha YZ400F motorcycle?

How big is a 1998 Yamaha YZ400F motorcycle?

The rain finally showed and so did the weight of the YZ400F At almost 260 lbs in ride trim the 400F got very heavy when traction was lost and you had to stab your foot on the ground to keep the bike upright. Try any leg save and you will know you are on a heavy motorcycle. During the drier parts of the test the bike was magical.

Can a Yamaha YZ400F start hot or cold?

The YZ400F will start on the first or second kick, hot or cold. You just have to learn the routine. The YZ400F has a “hot start” button on the carb to aid starting when the engine has been running a while. It lets cold, fresh air directly into the intake manifold, but I never found the need for it.

When did the Yamaha YZ400F 426 come out?

In 1998 Jody and his buddies at MXA nearly proclaimed this bike the second coming of Jesus. They loved the YZ400F and raved about it and its 426 successor for years. In my opinion, MXA and the other magazines helped promote the switch to these big, heavy (and LOUD!) machines when many people were still very much on the fence.

What kind of carburetor did the Yamaha YZ400F have?

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough on the YZF was it revolutionary road race-derived carburetor. At the time, the YZ400F’s 39mm Keihin FCR was a modern miracle in four-stroke performance. Previous to this marvelous mixer, carburation was a huge limiting factor on racing thumpers.

What’s the difference between a YZ 250 and YZ 400?

The differences are the YZ 400 carries an oil tank near the steering head, some of the engine/lubricating oil is carried in the front part of the frame, and the YZ 400 has stiffer fork and shock springs. Rake, trail, forks, shock, and swingarm linkages are the same as the YZ 250.

What kind of gas does a Yamaha YZ400F use?

A twist of the throttle and the 39mm Keihin with accelerator pump squirts a blast of 92 octane gas into the intake system. Don’t run race gas as it can harm some internal parts of the carb.