Helpful tips How can I get more tokens in top eleven?

How can I get more tokens in top eleven?

How can I get more tokens in top eleven?

Another way to earn tokens in Top Eleven is by using the Referral system. By inviting players to start playing Top Eleven, you’ll earn tokens whenever they perform certain tasks (like winning a certain number of matches). You can also earn tokens by selling your players to other managers.

How do you sell a player in negotiation top eleven?

After you have reached level 4, go to the Transfers button in the menu bar, then choose the negotiations tab. A list with players put up for sale will appear. Alternatively, you can select a team, either one you are playing against, or one from your friends list, and then select a player of theirs you like.

Why did my players lose stars on top eleven?

The most common question we hear at the end of a season is “Why did my players lose their stars?” When you make it into the Top 7 of the League at the end of a season, you gain a manager level and enter the next league level. This means that the opponents in your next season are also of a higher level.

Are there real players in Top Eleven?

But, if you play Top Eleven, your team will finished up match by their own. But, that’s life of digital football managers. In Football manager you get squad with real players from real life. So, you have limited option, depend on team you choose.

Are there any cheats in the top eleven game?

Everyone in Top Eleven has the same goal: to win the cup! With these Top Eleven cheats, you’ll uncover some helpful tips that will give your team a head up on the competition. Players can sign up for Top Eleven with any iOS device and a Facebook account. Once your game is linked with your Facebook account, it’s time to chose a team name.

What do you need to know about top eleven?

Top Eleven is the most comprehensive online soccer and football game available on the iOS. In the game, players are challenged to create a soccer team to rival other players from all around the globe. Everyone in Top Eleven has the same goal: to win the cup!

Is there a new top eleven game coming out?

If you weren’t able to catch our Top Eleven 2019 beginner’s guide, much of the new game’s mechanics have carried over from previous versions, ensuring a familiar experience for those who’ve played Top Eleven titles in the past.

How do you find the correct position in top eleven?

Drag the players around into the correct positions. The trick to finding the correct position for each player is to tap and hold the jersey and drag them to the position that has a lighter background. Another Top Eleven trick is to take a look at the players’ condition, moral, and quality by tapping the drop-down in the bottom right corner.