Blog How do I access EBIS?

How do I access EBIS?

How do I access EBIS?

To access EBIS, you must first go to the Army Benefits Center – Civilian website at You can then access EBIS by clicking on the EBIS link the right side of the ABC-C website Home page. After clicking the link to EBIS, you will receive a DoD Notice and Consent Banner.

What replaced EBIS?

Government Retirement & Benefits (GRB) Platform™ Effective April 22, 2019, the Employee Benefits and Information System (EBIS) will be upgraded to the GRB Platform™.

What does EBIS mean?


Acronym Definition
EBIS Employee Benefits Information System
EBIS Enterprise Business Information System (various companies)
EBIS Enterprise Business Intelligence Suite
EBIS Electron Beam Imaging System

Can DOD civilians shop at the commissary?

Tax-free shopping is authorized for active DOD and Coast Guard appropriated fund and non-appropriated civilian employees in the United States and the U.S. territories and possessions. Retired DoD and Coast Guard civilian employees will have access to online exchange shopping later this year.

What is Navy civilian?

The recruitment on the post of a Civilian in Indian Navy is common besides the armed or combat duty personnel in the force. Recruitment on various Civilian posts in Indian Navy is done for the support services they render their services from maintenance of Ship and Dockyard to office staff, mess staff, etc.

What is GRB platform?

The GRB Platform is an automated, secure, self-service Web application that allows employees to make health insurance, life insurance, and Thrift Savings Plan contribution elections, review general and personal benefits information, and calculate retirement estimates.

Who are considered DoD employees?

A Federal civilian employee of the Department of Defense directly hired and paid from appropriated or nonappropriated funds, under permanent or temporary appointment. Specifically excluded are contractors and foreign host nationals as well as third country civilians.

Who is considered a DoD civilian?

Where can I find the Employee Benefits Information System?

Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) via the website and select “Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)” OR. By calling a Benefits Specialist at 1-877-276-9287. Civilian Employees Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) may access the Toll-Free IVRS System through the numbers below: Belgium: Civilian 0800-78245/DSN 1986

What to do if you are unable to access EBIS?

If you are unable to access EBIS because you will not be issued a. Common Access Card (CAC), issuance will be delayed, or CAC readers are not available, don’t. wait; instead, conduct your benefits enrollments by calling the BEST automated phone system at. 1-800-525-0102, press 2 then press 3.

Where can I get IVRS number for civilian employees?

Civilian Employees Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) may access the Toll-Free IVRS System through the numbers below: Benefits Counselors are available at the ABC-C Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m Central Time.

Is the Civil Service Retirement System the same as FERS?

NOTE: If you were employed by the Federal government in the past, you may be covered by the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or the CSRS Offset system instead of FERS. The disability and survivor benefits shown above are different if you are covered under CSRS.