Common questions How do I activate blue beam?

How do I activate blue beam?

How do I activate blue beam?

From a device with internet access, open a web browser and browse to Type your Serial Number, Product Key, Security ID and Computer Name. Click Get Authorization Code. Your authorization code will display on the next page.

What is a bluebeam project?

Bluebeam Studio is an integrated cloud-based solution that allows for powerful document management and real-time collaboration. Using Bluebeam Studio, you can manage your projects digitally from start to finish, anywhere, at any time.

What is blue beam software used for?

Bluebeam is the company that makes Bluebeam® Revu®, a best- in-class PDF markup and collaboration tool that is used by architects, engineers and contractors throughout the lifecycle of a building project.

How do I download and register revu?

Open Revu and go to Revu > Register. Enter the Serial Number and Product key listed on your license certificate. A License Certificate was emailed to the license owner from [email protected]. Select Register.

Why is bluebeam in view mode?

Why use View Mode in Bluebeam Revu? View mode is for users who have not registered Revu, or have an Open License. Open License users – View mode gives you access to Revu’s basic functionality without consuming a seat in your license pool.

Is Bluebeam Vu still available?

Vu has been deprecated as a standalone product. Its functionality is now available in Revu using View mode.

What is the difference between bluebeam session and project?

Studio Projects allows multiple users to have access to the same documents within a project. Studio Sessions allows multiple users to work on files at the same time. Markups and other changes are instantly visible to all users viewing the document.

Can I add sheets to a bluebeam session?

Go to Document > Insert > Pages from Document or press CTRL+SHIFT+I . A Select Files to Insert dialog box opens. Navigate to and select the file that is the source of the pages that will be inserted into the current PDF, then click Open.

Who makes Bluebeam?

Their main product is Bluebeam Revu. In October 2014, Bluebeam was acquired by Nemetschek for $100 million and the company’s software has more than 1.6 million users.