Other How do I beat Vay HEK steel path?

How do I beat Vay HEK steel path?

How do I beat Vay HEK steel path?

Use a high crit corrosive weapon for best results. I beat him with inaros running a tank-heavy build with adaptation. any guns that do reasonable damage and are accurate work.

Where is the earth boss in Warframe?

You can find this boss on Earth, on Oro (you require 5th master rank, or higher). There are two phases of the battle, and it changes when the boss changes its form – Drone or Terra Frame. The boss wears an armor of Ferrite which is vulnerable to corrosive damage and piercing damage.

Where can I get HEK?

the Market
The Hek’s blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

Is seer worth it Warframe?

Seer is definitely fodder. It’s the closest we’ve got a joke weapon I’m sure. Riven might help it, though I don’t have one myself.

Does Captain VOR drop Morphics?

Morphics are most often found by defeating Captain Vor, The Sergeant, and Ambulas rather than normal enemies. Despite being classified as rare components, the ubiquity of locations that drop Morphics makes it trivial to acquire a large amount of Morphics after a few missions.

What does councilor Vay Hek do In Warframe?

Hydroid component blueprints. Vay Hek’s fanatical loyalty to the Grineer cause has driven him to spearhead numerous Grineer operations against the System. As outspoken as he is zealous, he is known for hijacking Tenno transmissions to send boastful messages, with targets ranging from Relay broadcasts to even a Devstream .

Who is the Grineer boss of Earth in Warframe?

Councilor Vay Hek is the Grineer boss of Earth.

What kind of fulmin does Vay Hek use?

As for OP – I did it with Rhino, a Corrosive-built Fulmin (he’s most vulnerable to that) and with the knowledge that Hek can heal himself off of the other mooks, so they’re top priority. Because, y’know he wasn’t fun enough already.

Why did Vay Hek send the transmission to the Tenno?

During the Tenno’s operations, Vay Hek sends a transmission to the Tenno, revealing that they have been simply destroying the Auxiliary Cores and that the Fomorian Shield Cores are still intact. The Tenno simply double their efforts and hijack the Shield Cores, which are more heavily guarded in response to their initial attacks.