Common questions How do I complain about NYC sanitation?

How do I complain about NYC sanitation?

How do I complain about NYC sanitation?

Submit your complaint to the Department of Sanitation. Call 311 if you need more help….It’s helpful to provide:

  1. A description of the worker.
  2. The license plate or vehicle number.
  3. Summons number if you received a ticket.

Who is the head of NYC sanitation?

Mayor Kathryn Garcia
Kathryn Garcia, the sanitation chief, is the third woman to emerge as a candidate to succeed Bill de Blasio. Men were the main contenders until this spring. [Live N.Y.C.

Can NYC sanitation give tickets?

Although enforcement agents will issue notices for dirty sidewalk, dirty area, or failure to clean 18 inches into the street violations only during the specified 2 one-hour daily routing time periods, they may issue notices for all other violations at any time.

Do garbage trucks come twice?

Usually, the garbage truck will come around the same time each week. However, if they have a larger route due to a holiday week or special collection, the timing can vary. If you get your cans out after the garbage truck has rolled though, odds are, you’ll have to wait until next week.

Are sanitation workers paid well?

Colorado, Minnesota, Massachusetts, California, and New York provide the highest sanitation worker salaries….Sanitation Worker average salary by State.

State Avg. salary Hourly rate
California $30,935 $14.87
Colorado $31,798 $15.29
Connecticut $29,569 $14.22
Delaware $25,525 $12.27

How long does it take to get a response from the NYC Department of sanitation?

The Department of Sanitation will respond in 3 to 7 business days. Report trash or recycling put out incorrectly. Store containers inside or behind the building. Keep containers closed and the area around them clean.

How to make a complaint against a sanitation worker?

You can make a complaint against a Sanitation worker or vehicle for the following: No action will be taken for anonymous complaints. In order to file a complaint, there must be direct observation of the issue. Submit your complaint to the Department of Sanitation. Call 311 if you need more help.

How to report missed garbage collection in NYC?

Report a Missed Collection To make a complaint, items must: Be from a residential building or a non-profit organization that receives collection services from the Department of Sanitation Be placed out properly between 4 PM and midnight the day before the scheduled collection day

How to file a complaint with the New York Public Service Commission?

Please do not use the online complaint form if you received a final disconnection notice from your utility that your electric or gas service will be shut off within 72 hours. Call the Department of Public Service Emergency Hotline at 800-342-3355 on weekdays from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM for assistance.