Common questions How do I configure multiple Vlans on a Cisco switch?

How do I configure multiple Vlans on a Cisco switch?

How do I configure multiple Vlans on a Cisco switch?

Configuring vlan using Config-vlan mode: 2) Create vlan using “vlan ” command and can assign name to vlan for description. 2) Issue the “interface [type] mod/port>” command in order to enter the interface configuration mode. 3) Issue the “switchport mode access” command in order to configure the port mode.

How many switches can be in HSRP?

Cisco bought a bunch of MAC addresses that they use for their devices. Each section of the HSRP MAC address represents a different piece of information — vendor ID, HSRP version identifier, and standby group number. For the HSRP standby groups, you can use 0 through 255, which means you can have 256 HSRP groups.

How do I configure HSRP between two routers?

To achieve basic HSRP configuration, you need to do the following:

  1. Configure normal IP address on interface (cannot be the same as HSRP virtual IP)
  2. Bring interface up (no shutdown)
  3. Configure HSRP group and virtual IP address using the standby command.

How do I change the VLAN on multiple ports?

Configuring Multiple Switch Ports on the Same VLAN

  1. In Dashboard, navigate to Switch > Configure > Switch Ports.
  2. Check the boxes next to each port to be updated.
  3. Click Edit, specify the VLAN, and click Update.

How many VLANs are currently configured on the switch?

The switch must be in VTP transparent mode when you create VLAN IDs from 1006 to 4094. Although the switch supports a total of 255 (normal range and extended range) VLANs, the number of configured features affects the use of the switch hardware.

How to do HSRP with Inter-VLAN-Cisco community?

You need to go to interface vlan to configure. something like this for R1. 05-31-2016 07:00 AM 05-31-2016 07:00 AM ok, and do the same with vlan 20 and take ip of vlan 20? 05-31-2016 07:15 AM 05-31-2016 07:15 AM Hi! R1(config-if)#standby 1 ip <<<<< R1 and R2 must have this same IP address.

Is there any way to configure HSRP on 2 switches?

Is there any way to configure HSRP on 2 switches on two separate vlans? if I configured two switches like below, is it possible to send two separate traffics to two gateways using static routes? please help me with your expertise. 03-05-2014 03:09 AM 03-05-2014 03:09 AM

When to use HSRP in global scale network design?

HSRP is for first hop redudancy .. so if the devices are directly connected to access switches, you are correct.. if the switches are distribution switches than my solution will work and the statics will require to put on access switches to forward packet to distribution switches.. Global Scale Network Design!

Where do I put static routes in HSRP?

You put your static routes pointing to HSRP virtual IP and as long as you have one of switches live it’s going to be routed properly. So if you configure HSRP like Sajid Ali suggested then you are ready to go – just put static routes with next hop pointing to virtual IP of HSRP groups.