How do I decline a counter offer from my current employer?

04/17/2021 Blog

How do I decline a counter offer from my current employer?

Coming to a decision: If you do decide to decline a counter offer it is important that you stand by your decision. Be respectful and thank your employer for making the opportunity available to you but also emphasize your decision to resign.

When should you take a counter offer?

Maybe you wanted a title change, or more job responsibilities, or better work-life balance. Those are things your boss might be able to offer you to persuade you to stay. And if salary is, in fact, a reason you applied to other positions, see if the counteroffer could include a bump in pay.

How do you negotiate a counter offer?

How to Negotiate a Counter OfferKnow your value and the industry rate for your position. Don’t rush it. Don’t forget non-salary benefits. Don’t push too hard. Don’t say too much. Know what’s really important to you. Use a template to frame your request.

How do you handle a counter offer?

5 Ways to Deal With a CounterofferBroach the topic early. Advise on the resignation process. Remind them of what’s on offer. Organize a tour or additional meetings. Remain in close contact.