Helpful tips How do I drop a standby redo log group?

How do I drop a standby redo log group?

How do I drop a standby redo log group?

How to drop the standby redo logs

  1. Enviroment.
  3. Drop SRL On Standby.
  5. Enable MRP.
  6. Enviroment.
  8. Drop SRL On Standby.

How do I create a standby redo log in standby database?

To create new standby redo log file groups and members, you must have the ALTER DATABASE system privilege. The standby database begins using the newly created standby redo data the next time there is a log switch on the primary database.

How do I resize a standby redo log?

Following are the steps to drop and create new standby database:

  1. Check Primary Redo Thread Number and size.
  2. Check Standby Thread number and Size for Standby redo logs.
  3. Stop the data-guard recovery process in Standby database:
  4. Drop the existing Standby redo files:
  5. Create new Standby logfile with THREAD Clauses.

What are standby redo logs used for?

Standby redo logs are used to store data received from another database or the primary data source. Standby redo logs are present at the destination database end.

What is online redo log files?

The most crucial structure for recovery operations is the online redo log, which consists of two or more preallocated files that store all changes made to the database as they occur. Every instance of an Oracle database has an associated online redo log to protect the database in case of an instance failure.

What is the purpose of standby redo logs?

Why do you need standby redo logs?

If you configure your standby for Maximum Protection, then Standby Redo Logs are required. Because a standby database exists, a second Archiver process (ARC1) will read from a completed Archived Redo Log and transmit the redo over the network to the Remote File Server (RFS) process running for the standby instance.

Why are there extra standby redo log groups?

It is a performance/buffering thing – to make sure the standby can keep up with buffering the redo log information at the standby site in periods of high activity on the source database.

How to drop the standby redo log group?

And in case you find a standby redo group in active status. Since standby redo log is in use, there is fair chances you will find a group in active status. In this case you have to just shutdown the database, bring it to mount stage and drop the standby redo log group.

How to drop a redo log from a database?

ALTER DATABASE DROP LOGFILE MEMBER ‘/oracle/dbs/log3c.rdo’; When a redo log member is dropped from the database, the operating system file is not deleted from disk. Rather, the control files of the associated database are updated to drop the member from the database structure.

Can a duplexed group of redo log files be dropped?

For example, if you use duplexed groups of redo log files, you can drop one member of one group, even though all other groups have two members each. However, you should rectify this situation immediately so that all groups have at least two members, and thereby eliminate the single point of failure possible for the redo log.

When does a redo log file become stale?

If the member you want to drop is the last valid member of the group, you cannot drop the member until the other members become valid. To see a redo log file status, use the V$LOGFILE view. A redo log file becomes INVALID if the database cannot access it. It becomes STALE if the database suspects that it is not complete or correct.