Popular articles How do I file a police report in Camden NJ?

How do I file a police report in Camden NJ?

How do I file a police report in Camden NJ?

Contact the CCPD

  1. Emergency 9-1-1. CLICK TO CALL 911.
  2. 24-Hour Tip Line. CALL 856-757-7042.
  3. Contact CCPD. CALL 856-757-7400.

When did Camden NJ get bad?

In 2010, Camden hit rock bottom. The city, population 77,000, was widely considered one of the most dangerous in America. A depopulated former manufacturing center across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, and the home of the first condensed Campbell’s soup plant, the city had more than 3,000 abandoned buildings.

Why did Camden NJ disband police?

Then came more police — and more police violence (2013-2014). The Camden City Police Department was disbanded with the explicit goal of putting more police on the streets in Camden, NJ. Broken windows policing is characterized by strict enforcement of small crimes to show that larger crimes will not be tolerated.

What is Camden NJ crime rate?

Camden County officials said there were 2,796 criminal activity reports logged in the city during 2020, compared to 3,298 in 2019. Homicides and shootings were down while robberies and sexual assault cases fell by double digits, 26% and 18% respectively.

Who is the chief of police in Camden NJ?

Camden County Police Department Headquarters 800 Federal St. Camden, NJ 08103 Officers 401 Ambassadors 70-100 Agency executive Joseph Wysocki, Chief of Police

How to contact Camden County Police Department for free?

Download the STOPIt app for free from the Apple or Google Play stores. Once installed, use the access code: CAMDENNJ to be able to send us a tip about any issues or concerns in your neighborhood. Want us to sponsor your next event?

What are the responsibilities of Camden County NJ?

They include responsibilities in both civil and criminal areas of the law including: Ancillary services also provided by this Office include: Camden County Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T) Civil Process Unit – Oversees the service of summonses and complaints, writs of execution, execution of judgments, and foreclosure sales of real property.

What is the crime rate in Camden NJ?

In 2008, Camden had 2,333 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents, compared to the national rate of 455. On October 29, 2012, the FBI announced Camden was ranked first in violent crime per capita of cities with over 50,000 residents, surpassing Flint, Michigan.