How do I get a job after a long period of unemployment?

03/06/2021 Blog

How do I get a job after a long period of unemployment?

How to get a job after long-term unemploymentDevelop your skills.Make new contacts.Have your job materials ready.Invest in education.

How would you describe a long period of unemployment?

Did you take a break from work for some reason?Tell them what else you were doing during this time.You can also add particular insights you gained during this time.Never spin a sob story.Emphasise pro-active behaviour.Mention any significant obstacles you overcame.Assure them that you are work-ready.

How do I go back to work after 10 years?

Getting back into the workplace after a ten-year gap or longer will take time. Set yourself a six month or 12-month goal where you aim to see your career plan come to fruition. But remember, it can take baby steps. Don’t give up, give it time and most of all, see it as a process.

What is a good job for a mom returning to work?

Top jobs for moms returning to workServer.Teacher’s aide.Childcare provider.Retail sales associate.Hairstylist.Library assistant.Office assistant.Medical records clerk.