Other How do I get better at Lucina?

How do I get better at Lucina?

How do I get better at Lucina?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 10 Tips To Master Lucina

  1. 4 NEVER Be Predictable With Your Counter.
  2. 5 Try To Lock Down Your Opponent’s Movement.
  3. 6 Use The Range Of That Sword To The Best Of Your Ability.
  4. 7 Know How She’s Changed In Smash Ultimate.
  5. 8 Know Her Weaknesses.
  6. 9 Know Her Strengths.
  7. 10 Know How She’s Different To Marth.

Do Chrom and Lucina have the same sword?

Lucina’s parallel version of Falchion also returns as her personal weapon, but, unlike its appearance in Awakening, it is identical to Chrom’s version and does not have healing properties.

Is Lucina good in Smash 4?

Lucina (ルキナ, Lucina) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4. Lucina is currently ranked 14th out of 55 on the tier list, placing her in the B tier. In addition to being the second highest ranking high-tier character, this placement renders her as both the highest ranking clone and unlockable character.

How do you counter Lucina?

Usually an air dodge is the best way to try and land against a Lucina, but if you repeatedly use the same landing, your opponent will likely pick up on it. A good mixup is to instead head for the ledge and try to reset neutral from there. Air dodge out of the way of any attacks and safely move to the ledge.

Why is Lucina so good?

Lucina is often looked at as a top tier due to her simplistic game plan, oppressive neutral and spacing game, strong edge guarding abilities, an excellent out of shield option and combo breaker in her up special, and fantastic forward smash. Essentially, Lucina is a character the excels because of her neutral game.

Who is best against Lucina?

The best character matchups for Lucina in SSBU, the most reliable counter picks Lucina is Weak Against are Young Link and Snake. However, Lucina is Strong Against Ganondorf, Kirby, and Yoshi.

What are the best moves for Lucina Super Smash Bros?

Forward air is good for keeping opponents away and Down air spikes if you hit right at the bottom arc of the move. you can also jump off facing away from the stage and back air bounce them off the stage too. Up B also does this. Forward smash and Up smash are good KO moves.

How did Lucina meet Chrom and the shepherds?

Lucina first encounters Chrom and the Shepherds by saving her aunt Lissa from the first of the Risen. She would later duel Chrom in Arena Ferox, during which Chrom noticed that her fighting style was strikingly similar to his own.

What kind of sword does Lucina use in Smash?

Like Chrom, her weapon of choice is Falchion, but her version of the famed sword is the Parallel Falchion brought back from her future.

Who are the voice actors for Lucina Super Smash Bros?

She was revealed during a livestream on July 14th, 2014 on the official Super Smash Bros. website, during which Captain Falcon was announced and her fellow Fire Emblem representative Robin was also revealed. Laura Bailey and Yū Kobayashi reprise their roles as Lucina’s English and Japanese voice actors, respectively.