Helpful tips How do I install Ubuntu on HP stream 13?

How do I install Ubuntu on HP stream 13?

How do I install Ubuntu on HP stream 13?

It’s a quick and easy process that shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to complete!

  1. Step 1 Create a bootable USB drive.
  2. Step 2 Reboot your computer and access BIOS.
  3. Wait for Ubuntu to load.
  4. Move the slider until you find the right amount of space you want to give Ubuntu.
  5. Step 5 Wait.
  6. Step 6 Restart and Enjoy!

Can I install Ubuntu on my HP laptop?

Make sure USB Booting is enabled in the BIOS, then boot the laptop from the Ubuntu USB Stick. Choose “Try Ubuntu Without Installation” and click through to the Welcome screen. Select “Try Ubuntu” to boot from the USB Stick. The laptop will boot into the Ubuntu 12.04.

Can I put Linux on HP laptop?

It is totally possible to install Linux onto any HP laptop. Try going to the BIOS, by entering the F10 key when booting up. In their, try disabling secure boot and switching from UEFI to Legacy BIOS then save your changes.

How do I reinstall OS on HP Stream?

Power on the laptop and immediately start tapping Esc key. From the menu tap F9 key and use the arrow keys to move to and select usb. Tap Enter key. When installing choose Custom and delete each partition.

How do I get my HP Stream to boot from USB?

Immediately press the Escape key repeatedly, about once every second, until the Startup Menu opens. Press F9 to open the Boot Device Options menu. Use the up or down arrow key to select the USB flash drive, and then press Enter.

Is the HP Stream 13 the same as the 11?

I am writing this on an HP Stream 13 (Same as 11, just larger screen). The only issue (kinda a big one) that I have run into with this running Ubuntu 14.10 is with the eMMC they have for a boot drive. I don’t know all the terminology, but here it is in plain language.

Is the HP Stream mini compatible with Ubuntu 14.04?

This bug (kernel issues with eMMC) has been identified and ‘fixed’, with this due to appear in future updates to 14.04 LTS or later. This should remove the cold start pause/delay (additional 14-17 seconds). I’m writing this from an HP Stream Mini desktop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64-bit), so I’m proof it can be done.

Can you install Ubuntu 14.10 on a stream 13?

I’m looking at purchasing this HP Stream 13-C004TU Notebook, as I am wanting to install Ubuntu 14.10 and not wanting to spend more than $300. The questions I have are:

Why is Ubuntu unable to read RPMP file?

I think it’s called or labeled RPMP, and Ubuntu can’t access it. It is at the beginning sectors of the drive, so Ubuntu tries to read it, but can’t. This significantly slows the boot time (Approx. 4 minutes for me) and has also interfered when installing new kernel updates through the Ubuntu Software Center.