Common questions How do I log into my EA ID?

How do I log into my EA ID?

How do I log into my EA ID?

On EA Help

  1. Click Log In at the top of this page, or any page on
  2. Choose the option to sign in using your platform credentials.
  3. Fill in the login details from your platform in the pop-up.
  4. All set! Your accounts are linked.

Is Origin account same as EA account?

Accounts at Origin, Electronic Arts’ online store, are being renamed. They’ll be called an EA Account “to better represent all of EA’s games and services,” EA said in an email being sent to Origin account holders. Origin launched in 2011 and by 2013 signed up more than 50 million users.

How do I find my EA Origin ID?

Re: Where do I get my EA Online ID? What game is this about? If you are looking for your Origin ID, it’s your name to the left of your post or in the top right corner here in Answer HQ or inside the Origin client.

How do you create an Origin account?

Setting Up a Primary Account

  1. Start by navigating to
  2. Click the Register button, which is below the orange sign in button.
  3. Input your Country/Region and Date of Birth.
  4. On the next screen, add your Email Address and create a Password.

How do I find someone’s EA account?

Are your friends on Origin? Find your friends with EA Accounts and add them to your Friend List.

  1. Open the Origin application and click Friends on the menu bar.
  2. Click Add a Friend…
  3. Search for your friends by their Public ID (that’s their EA Account ID), their real name, or their email address.

How do I get a EA public ID?

Set up your new account right here on EA Help. Click Sign Up at the top of any page. You can also create an account once you download the EA Desktop app or the Origin client.

Can EA Play with Origin?

As an EA Play member, you’ll score an automatic 10% discount* on purchases from, including new releases and pre-orders. Ditto for expansions, game packs, points packs, you name it. Please note: while EA Play is available on multiple platforms your discount only applies to the platform you joined on.

Does EA own origin?

Origin is a digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts for purchasing and playing video games. The platform’s software client is available for personal computer and mobile platforms.

What is EA public ID?

It sounds like you’re in the process of creating an EA Account. The Public ID is your EA Account ID, basically like a username. It’s what would appear publicly as your username for Origin.

What is Origin ID?

An origin ID is a forge (Github, Maven, Linux distros, etc.) plus how that forge identified the release. This allows considerably more specificity than we can show at the KB release level, since multiple origins, patch levels, and package names may all be part of the same overall release.

Why won’t Origin Let me make an account?

Make sure Origin is authorized by your anti-virus and firewall. Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Untick the options in LAN Settings ( make sure nothing is checked under Proxy Server ) Clear Origin Cache Data.

Is a Origin account free?

You don’t need to pay for Origin Access to use Origin—you can buy games through Origin and play them normally without any subscription fee. Origin Access costs either $5 per month, or $30 per year.

Is EA All Access for PC?

EA Access Is Coming To PC. EA Access, a subscription program that allows people to play and download a variety of Electronic Arts games, is coming to PC, the publisher said today.

What is EA Origin client?

The Origin client is self-updating software that allows users to download games, expansion packs, content booster packs and patches from Electronic Arts.

How do you make an EA account?

How To Make An EA Account. Click “Register” Or “Create An Account”. Whether you choose to register via browser or Origin, you just need to find and click “Register or “Create An Account”. This will lead you to filling up a form to creating your EA account.

What is EA Origin?

Origin ( EA Store ) is a digital distribution, digital rights management system from Electronic Arts that allows users to purchase games on the internet for PC and mobile platforms, and download them with the Origin client (formerly EA Download Manager). Origin features social features like profile management,…