Blog How do I replace my hunter safety card in Missouri?

How do I replace my hunter safety card in Missouri?

How do I replace my hunter safety card in Missouri?

Broken cards may be replaced free of charge by calling 573-522-4115, ext. 3549, or mailing the card to Missouri Department of Conservation, Permit Services, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced and will have to be repurchased.

How do I get a replacement hunter safety card?

All requests for replacement cards must be made online by completing a form, which can be found HERE (click on the link contained within the word “HERE ”). There is no charge for this service. If you have taken the course in another state, you will have to contact that state agency to issue you a duplicate card.

How do I find my hunter education number Missouri?

In order to log in to MO Hunting, users will need their Conservation Number. This 9-digit number can be found on the BACK of their Heritage Card, next to the bar code. This is different from the 16-digit number on the front of the card. Their Conservation Number can also be found on any current or previous permit.

How old must a person be to receive Missouri hunter education certification?

Missouri residents 16 years of age and older can complete the entire program online. Take a class online for a fee paid to online course provider. Once you’ve completed the course and passed a 60-question final exam with a score of 80 percent or better, you will receive your certification.

How long does the hunter safety course take online?

How long will it take to complete the course? Typically it takes about 4–6 hours to go through the online course, excluding any quizzes and/or exams and restudying that you may choose to do.

How do I find my hunter education number Idaho?

You can now look up your Idaho Hunter Education (or Bowhunter Education number) and print out the information from our Website at:

How do I get a Missouri hunting license online?

From your smartphone using the MO Hunting app. Your valid permit will appear on the app immediately after purchase. Buy via telephone at 800-392-4115. Use your credit card, and pay a $1 surcharge.

Can I go hunting with someone without a license in Missouri?

Missouri residents age 15 or under may hunt wildlife (except deer or turkey) without a permit if they have a hunter education card. Youth who do not have a hunter education card must hunt in the immediate presence of a licensed adult hunter. Non-residents ages 6 to 15 may purchase permits for specific species.

Can you hunt without hunter safety course?

Hunter Safety Requirement Deferral Anyone 16 years of age or older and born June 1, 1975, or after may hunt under the supervision of a qualified hunter without having to complete the state’s hunter safety certification.

Can you take hunting course online?

OFFICIAL ONLINE HUNTER SAFETY EDUCATION COURSES is the leading provider of hunter education across North America. Our online hunter safety courses help students to meet mandatory education requirements in their state or province.

How to get a Missouri Hunter Education Certificate card?

A hunter education certificate card (sometimes referred to as a “safety card”) is granted after successful completion of the course. Although Missouri allows the written part of the test to be taken online, applicants must still complete a field test.

Can you replace a Missouri hunter safety card?

Since 1995, hunters are able to replace their hunter’s safety cards with a Heritage Card. These cards include hunter registration numbers and also act something like credit cards. They can be scanned by vendors when a hunter buys a hunting or fishing permit. The card also offers hunters discounts through the state’s conservation department.

Do you need conservation heritage card to hunt in Missouri?

The Missouri Conservation Heritage Card is proof that you have successfully completed all the hunter education requirements and can purchase a permit to legally hunt in the state of Missouri.

Where can I get a heritage card replacement in Missouri?

If you have already received the Conservation Heritage Card and need a replacement, you can contact the Missouri Department of Conservation at 573-522-4115, ext. 3549, or go to for more information.