Popular articles How do I speak to someone at Etsy?

How do I speak to someone at Etsy?

How do I speak to someone at Etsy?

If you need to speak to a live customer service representative in Etsy customer service you need to dial 1-844-659-3879.

Is Etsy closing?

Sellers will want to fulfill their open Etsy Wholesale orders or reach out to customers before July 31, when the company plans to close July 31, 2018: Etsy Wholesale will close, and buyers and sellers will no longer be able to access

What do you do if you get scammed on Etsy?

We’re ready to help if something goes wrong.

  1. Contact Your Seller. Each shop on Etsy is independent.
  2. Open a Case. If you and the seller cannot resolve a problem with your order, you may be eligible to open a case.
  3. Work With Etsy. After you open a case, Etsy can act as a mediator to work with you and the seller.

Why is Etsy selling down?

A drop in visits to your shop or sales can mean any number of things, such as increased competition, changing trends, a shift in purchasing behavior, and more. Our Seller Handbook has key information to help you run a successful Etsy shop.

Can you temporarily close your Etsy shop?

Vacation Mode lets you put your shop on hold for a period of time, and is helpful if: You’re temporarily unable to run your shop. An emergency keeps you from being able to manage your shop.

What happens if you don’t pay Etsy?

Sellers have come to the forums expressing dismay that not paying has resulted in lack of privileges. If non-payment goes on long enough, Etsy will even suspend a shop entirely.

Does Etsy track your IP address?

Etsy uses the address when there is more than one shop associated with the IP address. Etsy has no way to determine if the shops associated are run by one person using friends or family members as a front or are actually run by several individuals. Etsy doesn’t close on a whim.

How can I call Etsy?

but you need to have an Etsy account.

  • You can call an Etsy customer service phone number ( 1-844-935-3879 in North America) to get help with more advanced buying or selling issues.
  • which lets you chat or send an email.
  • Can you call Etsy?

    To contact Etsy, find their contact page. Put in what your problem is, and Etsy should get back to you with a solution, either by email or phone. You can also just send them an email to reach them. Keep in mind, though, Etsy doesn’t have a direct number you can call to contact them.

    What is the phone number for Etsy?

    The customer support phone number of Etsy is +1 718-855-7955 / +1 (877) 373-6374 (Click phone number to call).