Blog How do we use especially?

How do we use especially?

How do we use especially?

You use especially to show that what you are saying applies more to one thing or situation than to others. He was kind to his staff, especially those who were sick or in trouble. Double ovens are a good idea, especially if you are cooking several meals at once.

What is the example of especially?

Especially is defined as particularly or to a greater degree. An example of especially is when someone is a really a great cardplayer. An example of especially is when a particular car like a Ferrari is nicer than all other cars.

What type of word is especially?

Especially and specially are adverbs. Especially means ‘particularly’ or ‘above all’: She loves flowers, especially roses.

Are specially and especially interchangeable?

especially/ specially The words especially and specially have just a hair’s breadth of difference between them. Both can be used to mean “particularly.” Especially tends to be more formal, while specially tends to be more informal: But our words have finer points to them that are worthy of being understood.

How to use “specially” in a sentence?

Specially in a sentence The compost is specially formulated for pot plants. I came here specially to ask you a question. The boats are specially built for the disabled. They are specially packaged so that they stack easily. We came specially to see you. The play was written specially for radio. The ring was specially made for her.

Can you start a sentence with especially?

In English, sentences can begin with ”especially,” which is an adverb. ”Especially” modifies by showing to what extent or degree.

How to use ‘except for’ in a sentence?

The weather was good except for an occasional shower.

  • her headache has gone.
  • Istanbul has been a Muslim city for almost 1300 years.
  • The benches were empty except for a single solitary figure.
  • except for a brief interval.
  • How to use such as in a sentence?

    such that in a sentence The quality of the man is such that people are just devastated. But the circumstances were such that it was time to move on. That matchups up such that they just have their way with us. My personality is such that I think of this as a job, Suppose \\ mathcal { L } is a differential operator such that that.html