Other How do you name a release?

How do you name a release?

How do you name a release?

  1. The first digit representing major milestones.
  2. The second digit represents incrementing the release (I generally release once a week so I increment the second digit).
  3. The third digit is used for patches, so if there is a bug in the code that is fixed outside of the normal release schedule I use the third digit.

What is naming convention and example?

Naming-convention meaning A collection of rules followed by a set of names which allow users to deduce useful information, based on the names’ character sequence and knowledge of the rules followed; such as Manhattan’s East-West streets being called “Streets” and its North-South streets being called “Avenues”.

What is a release candidate build?

Release Candidate (RC) is the build released internally to check if any critical problems have gone undetected into the code during the previous development period. Release candidates are NOT for production deployment, but they are for testing purposes only.

What is the difference between version and release?

Normally Release is more about the “action” to distribute the software to interested candidates, while “version” is an identifier of certain snapshot of the software (mostly a meaningful snapshot). Therefore, in most case, as we need to identify certain release of the application, we will have a version assigned.

Why does workday change product release naming convention and schedule?

Workday is changing the naming convention and schedule of product releases to make it easier for everyone to understand the timing of Workday’s planned releases, and to better accommodate business timelines. At Workday, we’re always innovating and looking for ways to help our customers, partners, and employees be more efficient.

How do you come up with product names?

Countless companies simply grab a piece of paper, start brainstorming and expect to have their product names by the end of the day. If you want to find the right titles for the items you’re selling, then you need to get your product naming exercises right.

What are the different types of release types?

Release Types are defined as follows: Major Release. Major new features, architecture changes, product components. Full, standalone product build.

What’s the name of the new workday release?

Here’s a quick FAQ to address the questions that might be on your mind related to the naming and scheduling changes. What is the new release naming convention? The full name will be: Workday (calendar year) Release 1 or Release 2. The abbreviated name will be: (calendar year) R1 or R2.