Other How do you stiffen Softail shocks?

How do you stiffen Softail shocks?

How do you stiffen Softail shocks?

Make sure you turn the shock adjuster plates an equal number of turns for each shock. Tighten the jam nut on each shock absorber in a clockwise direction. Lower the motorcycle to the ground and remove the hydraulic jack stand from underneath the motorcycle.

Can you adjust Progressive shocks?

Spring preload adjustments are made by turning the adjuster (this can be done by hand or using a spanner wrench). Turn this adjuster clockwise to increase spring preload and counterclockwise to decrease spring preload. Set the preload equally on both shocks using these measurements as your guide.

How do you adjust preload on Progressive 422 shocks?

 Your new 422 series with RAP Softail suspension system actually has two methods of adjusting your preload. The most convenient is by simply turning the RAP adjuster knob – clockwise to increase preload (reducing sag) and counterclockwise to reduce preload (increase sag).

Can you lower a Softail?

The Kit can lower the REAR of your SOFTAIL motorcycle from STOCK POSITION to a reduction of 2 inches lower. These are the BEST Quality and Nicest appearance Harley Softail Rear Lowering Kits sold on the Internet. They offer superb quality, finish and fitment.

Why is it called Softail?

A softail is a motorcycle with its rear suspension springs or shock absorbers located out of direct view, so as to look like a hard-tail motorcycle. The word softail is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson, coined for the FXST Softail in 1984.

How do you adjust a Softail rear shock?

6) While holding the adjuster plate in place with the spanner wrench, tighten the jam nut up against the adjuster plate by turning the nut clockwise. 6) Now repeat the exact same process on the other shock. The key is to adjust both shocks equally.

How is the rear shock spring preload adjusted?

The rear shock spring preload may be adjusted to the total load, or maybe varied to suit your own personal comfort. The more preload you add, the stiffer the ride will feel. Your service manual will help you determine the correct number of preload turns (adjustment) for your estimated total weight.

What do I need to adjust the shocks on a Harley Davidson?

Always adjust shocks with the motorcycle resting on the jiffy stand and always adjust both shocks the same number of turns; equally. You will need a spanner wrench (Harley Davidson part # 94448-82B) and a large 1-1/16″ wrench.

Where are the shock absorbers on a Harley Davidson Softail?

Softail models feature adjustable rear shock absorbers located beneath the motorcycle. They function opposite of a conventional shock, as they are inverted. Positioned horizontally under the motorcycle, the shock is mounted to the frame in the front of the bike and to the swing arm in the rear. As the shock compresses, the bike gets taller.