Common questions How do you unlock everything on Wii Sports Resort?

How do you unlock everything on Wii Sports Resort?

How do you unlock everything on Wii Sports Resort?

There are three unlock able courses you may unlock via your overall event point score or just playing the game:

  1. Slalom Course Marina – Get 350-400 overall event points (or play 5 times)
  2. Slalom Course Cavern – Get 650-700 overall event points (or play 10 times)

What is the point of popping balloons on Wii Sports Resort Island flyover?

After that every person on Wuhu Island and Wedge Island holds a balloon which the player can pop by shooting lasers from the plane by pressing A or by flying into the balloon. After a balloon has been popped it will change colour. Balloons are also attached to cars and planes ect.

Is the island from Wii Sports Resort real?

Wuhu Island (originally known as Wii Fit Island in its debut in the 2007 Nintendo game, Wii Fit) is a tropical island where the Wii Sports Resort minigames take place. The island is populated entirely by Miis and various tropical wildlife….

Wuhu Island
Region Wuhu Archepelago
Specific Location {{{4}}}

How many white balloons are there in Island Flyover?

Approximately half of the total balloons are white, and there are over 10,000 total balloons, so this reward is quite difficult to obtain. Hidden categories: Pages to merge. Articles lacking sources from August 2017.

Is Wuhu Island in Mario Kart Wii?

Wuhu Island was originally known as Wiifity Island in Wii Fit. It was later renamed in Wii Sports Resort….

Wuhu Island
First appearance Wii Fit (2007, Wii series) Mario Kart 7 (2011, Mario franchise)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

How does Island Flyover work in Wii Sports Resort?

This mode is very similar to the technical demo present during Nintendo’s E3 2006 showing that was supposed to be a Pilotwings revival. As you fly, you’ll be able to locate landmarks on the island, each one with an icon nearby shaped like a circle with an “i” in it with a written log that gives you information about the landmark.

Where do you get a secret in Wii Sports Resort?

[Aim to the right of the rock pillar, with the aiming circle, at the bottom of the walkway.] If you hit all secret targets (the order in which they are hit doesn’t matter) you will get the stamp “A Secret To Everybody”. At the “Select a Mii ” screen before an event starts, hold while pressing to choose “OK.”

Are there any cheats for Wii Sports Resort?

Check out our complete collection of Wii Sports Resort cheats Are you an expert in this game? Can you help Wii Sports Resort players? Make all i points disappear on island flyover. The art of swordplay showdown……………..

Where is the watermelon target in Wii Sports Resort?

Stage 1: Orange Target: The Orange is located at the right of the screen, near the Cavern and the Waterfall. [Aim at the slant on the rock.] Stage 2: Watermelon Target: The Watermelon is located at the left of the screen, between 2 trees.