Other How long does it take to recover from a hernia surgery?

How long does it take to recover from a hernia surgery?

How long does it take to recover from a hernia surgery?

Most people who have open hernia repair surgery are able to go home the same day. Recovery time is about 3 weeks. You most likely can return to light activity after 3 weeks. Strenuous exercise should wait until after 6 weeks of recovery.

Is it normal to still have a bulge after hernia surgery?

Swelling after inguinal hernia surgery or umbilical hernia surgery is quite common. Most of the time, swelling after hernia surgery is normal and not a sign of a problem. The most common reason for swelling is the body’s normal response to surgery.

Why is my hernia repair still hurting?

As with most surgeries, some pain after hernia repair resolves after the incision and tissues heal. But hernia mesh can cause an inflammatory response that causes pain for three to six months after surgery, according to researchers Kristoffer Andresen and Jacob Rosenberg at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

What should I do before a hernia surgery?

10 Things To Do Before Hernia Surgery Don’t Panic About Hernia Surgery. With injuries, illness, and other medical diagnoses, naturally comes anxiety and an overall uneasiness. Pick Your Doc. The first step for anyone with a hernia (that may or may not require surgical repair) is to choose a hernia specialist who’s right for them. See Your Doc. Insurance Details.

What to expect before and after hernia surgery?

What to Expect After Hernia Surgery. Most patients experience a certain amount of pain after a hernia operation. This is usually accompanied by bruising and swelling around the incision. Some other manifestations that may be felt up to a year after the operation include pulling, burning, and tugging sensations in the groin area.

What is the recovery time after hernia surgery?

Recovery from hernia mesh surgery can take weeks. Most people are able to return to work a week or two after surgery. Patients can usually have sex within one month after hernia repair.

What should you expect after hernia surgery?

Wound healing after hernia surgery takes about two weeks. Follow all instructions for covering and dressing the wound, keeping it dry, and showering. Avoid bathtubs, pools, or soaking the wound until your doctor clears it. If you have tape strips on your wound, they will generally fall off by themselves.