Blog How many amps does a power pole pull?

How many amps does a power pole pull?

How many amps does a power pole pull?

Each power pole has a 40amp inline fuse. although the pole has an inline 40 amp fuse it should only be wired to a battery disconnect/breaker that is rated at a min of 40 amps or at least an 80 amp min for duel poles.

Are power poles Bluetooth?

The ELITE Ti and HDS (Gen3, Carbon, and Live) units include built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. To connect the unit to Bluetooth enabled devices you must pair them.

Is there a male and female Anderson plug?

Anderson plugs are NON-GENDER and are both male / female or plug / socket. Genuine Anderson plugs are cleverly designed that they can plug into each other while keeping the correct battery polarity.

Are Anderson connectors waterproof?

Yes, Anderson are the world leading manufacturer of high current and waterproof DC electrical connectors – the anderson plug / connector range are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

What are the assembly instructions for an Anderson Powerpole?

Anderson Powerpole ® Assembly Instructions Assemble the red and black plastic housings together correctly on the first try, they fit snugly and can be difficult to get apart. See the picture below for ARES /RACES standard orientation. Note that you can assemble the red and black insulated housings in other ways for special applications.

What are the different sizes of Powerpole connectors?

This versatile connector series invented by Anderson Power Products (APP®) meets a wide range of power connection needs. The four housing sizes in the Powerpole® product family can carry a wide range of amperage and wire sizes in the most compact footprint. For currents up to 350A and from wire sizes of #20 AWG (0.75 mm²) to 3/0 (70 mm²).

How are the connectors on a West Mountain Powerpole held together?

Slide the connector housings together before putting the connector pins in, this is easier when using heavy paired wire. The plastic housings are held together with dovetail joints and are not meant to be snapped together/apart – this will cause damage.

How big is a wire for a power pole?

Wire sizes from #20 AWG (0.75 mm²) to #10 (6 mm²) offer power capabilities up to 55 amps per pole. Finger proof housings and the ability to incorporate first-mate last-break ground connectors enhance the capabilities of this Powerpole® series.