Blog How many different types of lanterns are there in DC?

How many different types of lanterns are there in DC?

How many different types of lanterns are there in DC?

Join us as we break down each of the nine Lantern Corps in the DC Universe and what makes them unique.

What are the types of lanterns DC?

In this edition, Insider picks all the Lantern Corps of the DC Multiverse

  • Green Lanterns. Emotion: Will.
  • Yellow Lanterns. Emotion: Fear.
  • Red Lanterns. Emotion: Rage.
  • Blue Lanterns. Emotion: Hope.
  • Orange Lanterns. Emotion: Avarice.
  • Black Lanterns. Emotion: Death.
  • White Lanterns. Emotion: Life.
  • Indigo Tribe. Emotion: Compassion.

How many different types of Lantern Corps are there?

seven different Lantern Corps
According to a prophecy in the Book of Oa, the seven colors of the emotional spectrum would be harnessed by seven different Lantern Corps, which would go to war with each other in a conflict called the War of Light and fulfilling The Blackest Night Prophecy.

What are the different kinds of lanterns?

Modern lanterns

  • Fueled lanterns.
  • Electric lanterns.
  • Hand-held lanterns.
  • Exterior lighting.

Is there a GREY Lantern Corps?

The Grey Lantern Corps is one of the Lantern Corps. The Grey Lanterns draw their power from their members’ absolute apathy. As such, only members of Hattar’s species can qualify for being Grey Lanterns.

What are the different types of Lantern Corps?

The Green Lantern corps, along with the other six corps (The Sinestro Corps , the Red Lantern Corps , The Indigo Tribe , The Blue Lantern Corps , Agent Orange, and the Star Sapphires ), fight the black lanterns to regain safety and order in the universe.

Who made the Lantern Corps?

The Green Lantern Corps was created by the Guardians of the Universe as an intergalactic police force.

What is Lantern Corp?

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