Common questions How many horsepower does a 671 Detroit have?

How many horsepower does a 671 Detroit have?

How many horsepower does a 671 Detroit have?

Every engine in the 71 series had a bore of 4.25 inches and a stroke of 5.0 inches. Tuned for commercial duty, it produced 165 horsepower. The battle-rated version made for the U.S. Navy developed 225 horsepower.

How much torque does a 671 Detroit have?

6-71s with typical 65MM injectors are 238 HP @ 2100 ,600 lb. ft.

When did they stop making 2 stroke Detroit?

In 1998, MTU, which had purchased Detroit Diesel from Penske in 2006, finally ceased production of all two-stroke Detroit Diesels. (The company continues to manufacture the four-cycle Series 60 Detroit Diesel.) Today, there are still thousands of these engines powering boats of all types all over the world.

What is the most reliable marine engine?

Here is our list of some of the best marine diesel engines from top manufacturers.

  • Caterpillar C8.
  • Caterpillar C12.9 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Caterpillar C18 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Caterpillar C32 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Cummins QSB 6.7 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Cummins QSC 8.3 Marine Diesel Engine.
  • Cummins QSL 9 Marine Diesel Engine.

How much HP can you get out of a 12.7 Detroit?

The 12.7L only has a horsepower capacity of 380-455 at 1,800 RPM, while the 14L is a bit higher at 425-515 at the same RPM. Similarly, the rated torque on the 14L increased, coming in at 1,550-1650 lb-ft. at 1,200 RPM, up from 1,350-1,550 lb-ft on the 12.7L.

Are man marine engines good?

MAN boat engines are trusted worldwide, from yachts to the most complex commercial shipping vessels. When it comes to diesel engine maintenance, maintaining a MAN engine will be smooth sailing. MAN parts are some of the most durable and easy to find parts on the market, ensuring your engine will last.

How do I choose a marine engine?

The rule of thumb is based on weight alone, and says you should have between 40 and 25 pounds of weight for each horsepower. For example, a 5,000-pound boat could have an engine with between 125 and 200 horsepower.

What’s the name of the Detroit Diesel 671 engine?

Detroit Diesel 671 engines, like the others in the Detroit Diesel line, will probably spill some oil over the course of their use. This has earned the discharged oil the affectionate nickname of ‘slobber.’

What kind of engine is the Gray Marine 6-71?

The 6-71 Gray Marine Diesel Engine is a marinized version of the General Motors Detroit Diesel 6-71 engine produced by the Gray Marine Motor Company.

How many GM 6-71 diesel engines were made?

Stan Grayson in his book Engines Afloat ( states that GM built 9,000 6-71s in 1941 and, by 1944, had increased annual production to 62,000 units. That figure does not include the engines made for Gray Marine.

What is the first digit of a 671 engine?

The first digit is the number of cylinders, so this example would be a 671 engine. In some older engines, the full engine size and series could be seen in the first three digits. For example, 671-RA63, the first three digits indicate it is a 6 cylinder member of the 71 series.