Popular articles How many parts do you need at Unitec?

How many parts do you need at Unitec?

How many parts do you need at Unitec?

At UNITEC, personal service means giving your needs individual attention. Each of us shares the mission of saving you labor, legwork and total cost on your parts needs. Over 150,000 parts at our fingertips, which…

What are the goals of the Unitec group?

At Unitec we aspire to excellence in the design and manufacture of lines, plants and machines for processing fresh fruit and vegetables. Our common goal is to work in close partnership with Customers in order to maximize efficiency and quality, contributing to their success by using our equipment.

When is the 95th anniversary of UNITEC group?

UNITEC BIRTHDAY: 95 YEARS OF INNOVATION, CONCRETE RESULTS FOR THE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SECTOR, WITH AN EYE TOWARDS THE FUTURE. For the 95th anniversary of UNITEC, our wish is that they can continue on the same road travelled so far! Their growth has also been our growth as Customers who have chosen UNITEC.

Are there Otis Elevator and escalator parts at Unitec?

We’re More Than Just Parts At UNITEC Parts Company, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Otis and non-Otis OEM elevator and escalator replacement parts.

How to order a Unitec parts catalog hardcopy?

** To order a hardcopy of our new consolidated parts catalog or posters, you can email us at [email protected] call in at (800) 328-7840 ** (Please note the individual product modules from the consolidated catalog, can be viewed and printed using the links below) – Search for part numbers using the Search Parts box above.

How to contact Unitec for PC board 3?

Call your UNITEC representative at 800.328.7840 for more inforamtion. PC Boards 3 Phone: 800/ 328 – 7840 • Fax 860/ 286 – 1625 2013, UNITEC Parts Company

What are the product ranges of Unitech Energy Group?

The product range cover 1-132 kV and up to 30 MW. The UNITECH team includes experienced cable makers and design experts. All design work for HFLs and umbilical is available in-house using Umbilicad software. We work closely with Ultra Deep™ Engineering on VIV analysis, Crushing analysis (FEM) and Installation analysis.

How to become a gasfitting apprentice at Unitec?

At Unitec, there are several plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying options for you: Find out about plumbing, drainlaying and/or gasfitting apprenticeships at Unitec. 1. Be employed in the workplace as an apprentice/trainee drainlayer and complete the Trainee Acknowledgement Form; AND 2.