Blog How many people live in the Bijlmermeer area?

How many people live in the Bijlmermeer area?

How many people live in the Bijlmermeer area?

The Bijlmermeer neighbourhood, which today houses almost 50,000 people of over 150 nationalities, was designed as a single project as part of a then innovative Modernist approach to urban design.

Which is East Line connects Amsterdam to Bijlmermeer?

The Oostlijn ( east line, comprising two lines, numbered 53 and 54) links the Bijlmer to the Central Station of Amsterdam, while the Ringlijn links it with the port area at Sloterdijk . High-rise buildings in the Bijlmermeer. Red are flats still standing, while gray is demolished. The plane icon marks the location of the El Al Flight 1862 crash.

When did El Al crash into the Bijlmermeer?

After El Al Flight 1862 crashed into two Bijlmermeer buildings in 1992, an incident known as the Bijlmerramp (Dutch for “Bijlmer Disaster”), it was decided that the neighbourhood needed some further change. In recent years, many of the high rise buildings have been renovated or torn down.

How big is the Getz Arena in Bijlmermeer?

The 74,000 square metres (800,000 sq ft) mixed-use GETZ Entertainment Centre is planned to open on the ArenA Boulevard, including retail, catering industry, leisure, several types of entertainment, a hotel and a culture cluster.

How many people died in the Bijlmer crash?

From the location in the Bijlmermeer, the crash is known in Dutch as the Bijlmerramp ( Bijlmer disaster ). A total of 43 people were officially reported killed, including the aircraft’s three crew members, a non-revenue passenger in a jump seat, and 39 people on the ground.

Who was the architect of Bijlmermeer in Germany?

Led by architect Siegfried Nassuth and team, the original neighbourhood was designed as a series of nearly identical high-rise buildings laid out in a hexagonal grid.