Helpful tips How many Servcorp serviced offices are there in Singapore?

How many Servcorp serviced offices are there in Singapore?

How many Servcorp serviced offices are there in Singapore?

With 150+ convenient and central locations globally, a Servcorp Serviced Office in Singapore can give your business a prestigious location. Our 5-star address becomes your address to use on your letterheads, business cards and webpage. Choose from 5 iconic locations in Singapore.

What can you do with a Servcorp serviced office?

Unlike traditional office space, you get a fully furnished office, use of Servcorp’s global IT infrastructure with rocket-fast and secure internet, a global enterprise IP telephony network with free call plans, access to office equipment such as photocopiers/printers/scanners, access to a fully stocked kitchen and much more.

Do you need a serviced office in Singapore?

For a corporate environment and atmosphere which promotes a distinct and professional image, you need a Servcorp Serviced Office in Singapore. With a Servcorp Serviced Office, you have everything you need to start running your business the day you move into your Singapore office.

How many people can be in a booth at Servcorp?

Social distancing is strictly enforced across all 150+ locations worldwide. Hand-sanitizers provided upon arrival. Masks worn by our entire team. Ideally 1, but maximum 2 people per booth.

Where is Marina Bay financial centre in Singapore?

Marina Bay Financial Centre is located within the Marina Bay which is a 360ha development located at the Southern tip of Singapore. It was designed to seamlessly extend Singapore’s downtown district and further support the city-state’s continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia.

Can you work from home with Servcorp virtual office?

With a Servcorp Virtual Office, you get everything but the office. You can choose to work from home, or from anywhere and get the professional team, facilities and infrastructure of a multinational corporation, without the cost.