Other How many Volvo 240 are there?

How many Volvo 240 are there?

How many Volvo 240 are there?

In motorsport, 240 Turbo race cars racked up victories in the European Touring Car Championship (ETC) and German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in 1985. Volvo made almost 3 million 240s and 260s over its nearly 20 year production run, both in Sweden and at plants around the world, such as in Canada and Thailand.

How safe is a Volvo 240?

for Highway Safety, IIHS, cited the Volvo 240 Estate as the safest car on the American market. The Volvo 240 has probably received more distinctions than any other car in the world: “Car of the Year”, “Family Car of the Year” and “Safety Car of the Year”, just to mention three examples.

When did the Volvo 240 wagons come out?

The best way to break down the different flavors of 240 is by body style. There are two-doors (242), four-doors (244), and wagons (245), with the latter two in continuous production from the start in 1975 to the model’s honorable exit in 1993.

What kind of engine does a Volvo 240 have?

The contemporary Volvo 260 used the same platform as the 240, instead using a V-6 engine in place of the 240’s four-cylinder. The 260 was available until 1982 when it was officially replaced by the Volvo 700 series (although the 265 wagon would linger for a few years after that). Volvo 244 DL Volvo

What kind of trims does a Volvo 240 have?

Other limited run trims included the Diesel (1981-1985), which offered GL-levels of gear, the Turbo (1981-1985), which matched the GLT in terms of equipment, and the GT (1978-1980), which was available exclusively as a two-door and is easy to spot due to its in-grille fog lights and flat hood (and, in some cases, racing stripes).

Is the Volvo 240 used in endurance racing?

The Volvo 240 is now a common choice alongside Ford Granadas and Jaguars for using at unlimited banger meetings. In the United States, 240s regularly appear in low-budget endurance racing series such as 24 Hours of LeMons, where the 240 reliability, durability, and easy parts availability are much appreciated.