Blog How much are new brake pads at Walmart?

How much are new brake pads at Walmart?

How much are new brake pads at Walmart?

Generally, brake pads are sold in sets of 4 (you need 8 for the entire vehicle) and cost between $20-$30 at Walmart.

How much do brake pads cost at the store?

The average brake pad replacement cost is $150 per axle, and can range from $100 per axle up to $300 per axle.

Does Walmart do brake pads?

Brake pads replacement service for the front of your sedan. Provides at-home service from a professional mechanic. Service purchased from and provided by Wrench.

How much does a set of 4 brake pads cost?

Brake Pad Replacement Cost That said, for brake pad replacement only, you can expect to pay between $35 and $150 for parts for all four wheels. Labor typically runs between $80 and $120 per axle, making for a grand total of between $115 and $270 per axle.

How much are brake pads at Firestone?

The cost of Firestone standard/lifetime brake service cost

Option Pads Price (per axle)
Standard Wagner $175
Standard with Fluid Exchange Wagner $350
Lifetime Wagner $450

What is included in a complete brake job?

In most instances, a “complete” brake job will include the following: New linings front and rear. Resurfacing both rotors and drums (or replacing them if worn, cracked or hard spots are found). Lubricating all critical areas such as caliper slides and shoe pads with high temperature brake lubricant.

What’s good brand of brake pads?

Best Rated Best Car Brake Pads in 2020: ACDelco Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set. One of the best-quality disc brake pads on the market, the ACDelco is reliable, durable and easy to install. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Disc Brake Pad Set. The brand Bosch is well-known for its good-quality products and they don’t disappoint here either. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Set.

Does Walmart change brake pads and rotors?

Walmart Auto Care Centers don’t offer brake services, meaning its centers will not repair or replace brakes or brake pads. Walmart’s website explains that its Auto Care Centers only offer basic auto maintenance services like oil changes, tire rotations, and battery services.

What is a brake pad?

Brake pad. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Brake pads are a component of disc brakes used in automotive and other applications. Brake pads are composed of steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that faces the disc brake rotor.