Blog How much does a E35 Bobcat excavator weigh?

How much does a E35 Bobcat excavator weigh?

How much does a E35 Bobcat excavator weigh?

7,909 lb.
Weight: 7,909 lb.

How deep will a Bobcat E35 dig?

10.2 feet
The Bobcat E35’s maximum digging depth is 10.2 feet (standard arm) and 11.2 feet (long arm). It has a reach of 17.2 feet (standard arm) and 18.1 feet (long arm).

What engine is in Bobcat E35?


Engine make: Kubota
Engine model: D1703-M-DI-E4B-BC-2
Net hp: 24.1

What is a E35?

Part of the New R-Series, the Bobcat E35 Mini Excavator (also known as compact excavator) is a popular choice in the 3-4 tonne size class and excels on jobsites where space is confined, such as next to buildings, walls and other obstacles.

How much does a Bobcat e55 excavator weight?


Operating weight (metric tons): 5.6
Operating weight (lbs): 12,004

What hydraulic oil does a bobcat use?

A good quality brand of AW hyd oil will work fine. The debate is usually which grade. I’ve used AW32 in Bobcats for years, others would recommend the higher viscosity grade AW46, probably works just as well. IMHO, AW32 works just fine because Bobcat’s have a fairly good oil cooler to control high oil temps.

How much does a bobcat excavator way?

Bobcat E26 excavator has an operating weight of 6,489 pounds. The 24.8-horsepower Bobcat E26 excavator is an R Series model with an operating weight of 6,489 pounds. Maximum dig depth is 9 feet 5 inches, and maximum dump height is 10 feet 4 inches.

Is a Bobcat T590 a good machine?

The Bobcat T590 is exceptionally well-designed Bobcat pride themselves on having achieved the perfect harmony of design, balance and weight distribution to deliver more usable horsepower and enhanced breakout forces. The endgame here is faster cycle times and ultimately better job site productivity.

How much does a bobcat t5 90 way?

Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 3 gal (11 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 2.6 gal (10 l)
Fuel Capacity 36.5 gal (138 l)
Operating Weight 7822 lbs (3,548 kg)

How big is a bobcat E35 excavator mini?

2016 BOBCAT, E35 Excavators – Mini (up to 12,000 lbs), 2016 BOBCAT E35 COMPACT TRACK EXCAVATOR WITH OROPS, 2 SPEED HST, EXTENDABLE BOOM, 4 WAY ANGLE B… 2018 BOBCAT, E35 Excavators – Mini (up to 12,000 lbs), RENTAL & RPO AVAILABLE!

How much horsepower does a bobcat excavator have?

2019 BOBCAT, E35 Excavators – Mini (up to 12,000 lbs), E35 33HP R-Series Bobcat Compact Excavator 33.5 HP Turbocharged, Tier 4, Non DPF Auto Idle Auto… 2020 BOBCAT, E35i Excavators – Mini (up to 12,000 lbs), E35 25HP R-Series Bobcat Compact Excavator 24.8 HP Tier 4 Auto Idle Auto-Shift, 2-Speed Travel…

Which is the new generation of Bobcat machine?

The new Bobcat® E35z, a new generation model in the popular 3.5 tonne machine class offers the additional benefits of ZHS design.

What kind of backhoe does a bobcat use?

40-hp compact tractor has the power to do attachment and implement work, and fits in tight spaces. 35-hp compact tractor with factory-installed cab and hydrostatic transmission. 40-hp compact tractor with hydrostatic transmission includes heated/air-conditioned cab.