Other How much does a GE9X engine weigh?

How much does a GE9X engine weigh?

How much does a GE9X engine weigh?


Variant 105B1A
Bypass ratio 9.9:1
Overall pressure ratio 60:1, HPC pressure ratio: 27:1
Weight 21,230 lb (9,630 kg)
Takeoff thrust 110,000 lbf (490 kN)

How much fuel does a GE9X use?

Technical Data

Max. thrust 134,300 lbf
Bypass ratio 10:1
Overall pressure ratio 60:1
Fan diameter 134 inches
Fuel consumption -10%

How strong is a 777 engine?

A Single Boeing 777 Engine Delivers Twice the Horsepower of All the Titanic’s. The RMS Titanic weighed almost 50,000 tons and could carry 3,500 people. Before it sunk, it was world-famous as the massive titan of the sea. Its multiple engines, powered by 159 coal furnaces, were designed to deliver 46,000 horsepower.

What engines are fitted to the Boeing 777?

The GE90: A technology pioneer The GE90 engine family powers all Boeing 777 models. It is the exclusive powerplant on the Boeing 777-300ER, -200LR, and Freighter. The engine has accumulated nearly 100 million flight hours and 14 million cycles since entering service.

What’s so special about the GE9X jet engine?

With its 134 inch (340 cm) front fan, the GE9X takes the title of being the largest jet engine in civil aviation history. Everything included, the engine in its nacelle is 184 inches (467 cm) wide. That means that the whole engine is as wide as the body of a Boeing 737. Size comparison to a Boeing 737 body.

What’s the pressure ratio of the GE9X engine?

See how scaled 4th-generation composite fan blades are used to validate the 16-count design – the lowest of any twin-aisle engine available. Take a look at how the compressor’s record-breaking 27:1 pressure ratio and new 3D aerodynamics are qualified on a custom-built rig in Massa, Italy.

What kind of fan does GE Aviation GE9X use?

GE Aviation GE9X Variant 105B1A Type Dual rotor, axial flow, high bypass turb Combustor Single annular Twin Annulus Premixing Sw Control dual channel FADEC Compressor 1 fan, 3-stage LP, 11-stage HP

What kind of engine does GE Aviation use?

With the most extensive technology maturation program in the history of GE Aviation, the GE9X engine will deliver world-class reliability and performance at service entry. But first, components undergo rigorous testing at specialized facilities around the globe.