Popular articles How much does a Janssen piano weigh?

How much does a Janssen piano weigh?

How much does a Janssen piano weigh?

Upright pianos weigh anywhere between 400-500 lbs (158kg-227kg). They are the tallest of the vertical pianos at 48”-60” (122cm-152cm) in height….

Vertical Pianos Approx. Weight
Studio Piano (44″-48″) 400-500lbs (181-227kg)
Upright Piano (48″-60″) 500-1000lbs (227-454kg)
Grand Pianos Approx. Weight

How heavy is a standard upright piano?

between 500 and 800 pounds
How Much Does an Upright Piano Weigh? A classic upright piano typically weighs between 500 and 800 pounds. It usually takes at least four people to move an upright piano. Get a free moving quote today from FlatRate Moving.

Who was the founder of the Janssen Piano Company?

Founded by B.H. Janssen in 1901, the Janssen Piano Company factory was located in New York City. As one of the few family-owned piano companies throughout the 1900s, Janssen became associated with Horace Water in New York around 1930.

What kind of music did Werner Janssen compose?

Werner Janssen. Hans-Werner Janssen (1 June 1899 – 19 September 1990) was an American conductor of classical music, and composer of classical music and film scores.

Where to find the serial number on a Janssen Piano?

To know what year, make and model your Janssen piano is, it is important to locate the serial number. The serial number is the piano’s birth certificate, and it is a key piece of information in determining the value of the piano. Check out our blog on how to find the serial number on your piano.

Where did Werner Janssen live in New York?

Janssen was born in New York City on 1 June 1899. His father was a New York restaurateur, founder of the Janssen Hof Brau Haus on Broadway. The family lived in Great Neck on King’s Point Road next door to musician George M. Cohan.