Helpful tips How much does a Minifish sailboat weigh?

How much does a Minifish sailboat weigh?

How much does a Minifish sailboat weigh?

The Minifish sports a 65 square foot lateen sail, 10 less than the Sailfish or Sunfish. Weighing 75 pounds, she can be carried atop a car or inside a station wagon. Foam flotation inside the fiberglass hull makes the Minifish unsinkable.

How long is a Minifish sailboat?

12 ft
Boat Specifications

Length 12 ft
Builder/Designer AMF Alcort
Source of Data Class Rules

When did Alcort stop making Sunfish?

The SUPER SAILFISH was produced in fiberglass in 1959 and the SUNFISH manufacturing process was changed over to fiberglass in 1960. The SAILFISH was phased out in 1962, and the SUPER SAILFISH a few years later. Alcort stopped selling kits in the mid-60s. By 1982 over 200,000 SUNFISH had been sold.

How many Sunfish sailboats have been built?

First sold as a wooden boat and do-it-yourself kit, the original fiberglass Sunfish introduced in 1960 has not changed much in the half-century since. Over 300,000 have been built by seven manufacturers over the years, a phenomenal number for any boat.

Is a Sunfish easy to sail?

Sunfish first appeared around 1952. Having a lateen sail with its simple two line rigging makes a Sunfish simple to learn sailing on and it is also easy to set up. Upgrades can be added to enhance sail control for competitive sailing, making the boat attractive to both novice and experienced sailors alike.

How wide is a Sunfish sailboat?

Sunfish (sailboat)

Construction Fiberglass
Hull weight 120 pounds (54 kg)
LOA 13 feet 9 inches (4.19 m)
Beam 4 feet 1 inch (1.24 m)

What is faster a Laser or a Sunfish?

Lasers are unquestionably faster than Sunfish except in drifters or if it blowing about 25 (when it is blowing 25 good Laser sailors are still going faster than a Sunfish can go, but most Laser sailors are not physical enough and a Sunfish will go faster than they can sail their Laser.)

Are Sunfish sailboats made in China?

Sunfish was developed by Alcort, Inc. and first appeared around 1952 as the “next generation” improvement on their original boat, the Sailfish. Early in 2016, manufacturer Laser Performance moved production from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, US to China and boats were supplied to the 2016 World Championships.

How much wind do you need to sail a Sunfish?

Sunfish boats – Make sure that you stay at wind speeds below 15 knots. Anything above that may overpower the boat and may leave you in a precarious if not deadly situation. Up to 26 feet boats – These types of boats sail best in wind speeds ranging from 10 to 20 knots.

How much should you weigh to sail a Laser?

The optimal weight for this rig is 110–145 pounds (50–66 kg), thus becoming an ideal boat for young sailors moving from the Optimist/RS Tera who are still too light for a normal Laser.

Can you sink a Sunfish?

It features a Lateen style rig and shallow v-shaped fully sealed hull. This makes the boat particularly beginner-friendly because despite fully swamping, it will not sink.

Is the minifish sailboat in good condition?

Large enough for two adults to sail but is easily car topped. Overall good condition. Minifish sail is in fair condition. Also included are mast, spars and sail for a sunfish which can be used with the minifish. Sail for sunfish sailboat is in very good condition. 1974 AMF Alcort Minifish SailboatCondition: Good UsedMust be picked up, Cash Only.

Where did the name Alcort sailboat come from?

The name ALCORT derived from the nick names of it’s founders, Alex Bryan and Cortland Heyniger, both of Waterbury, Connecticut. They started in around 1941 building and selling SKEETER class iceboats. To provide year round work they decided to design and build a sailboat.

Where did Alcort build the Sunfish sailboat?

By 1969 Alcort was overwhelmed by the ever increasing demand and the company was sold to AMF. Licenses were granted for construction in Holland, Canada, Chile and Uraguay. Vanguard took over the SUNFISH from AMF for several years. As of 2012, the SUNFISH was still in production.

What kind of boat is the minifish free bee?

This is Free Bee, a 1976 AMF MiniFish. Her name Free comes from being a Bicentennial boat (which also means she has sturdy fiberglass construction so she sails nicely) and Bee from her yellow and black colors. She has a brand new sail (only used once) and new sail rings.